Month: August 2016

How to Change WordPress JPEG Image Compression

Any owner of an online store needs to know that the photos are an important part of sales, as they advertise purchased goods well. By themselves, the product photos can convey to the client that it is really worth to buy that product because it is very high quality and durable. The more detailed the…

Posted by Alex Miro

How to Rename the Uncategorized Category in WordPress

If you have the desire to do the renaming WordPress categories, then you’re not the first person who came to mind this. Often, people who have just started working with WordPress wonder: If it is possible to delete or rename WordPress category? Today we will tell to the readers in what way they can rename…

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How to Remove the Password Reset, change option from WordPress

If you are interested in how to change or remove the password option in the drop WordPress, the answer is actually very simple. The owner of the website must accomplish this by means of his electronic mailbox. This article clearly shows how you can perform this process step by step, without putting this much effort….

Posted by Alex Miro

How to Stop Storing IP Address in WordPress Comments

In order to reliably know how to no longer maintain the IP-address, you should read this informative article. It described in detail how to solve this problem in WordPress comments. There are owners of sites that make this process so that their users can continue to remain confidential. In other words, once again protect yourself. You…

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WordPress Plugins That Will Quickly Help You Get More Traffic

Many owners of sites are wondering how to get more traffic for your personal WordPress site. There are different versions of plug-ins that will help to increase the activity of site users and the traffic itself. This article will describe in detail what action should be step by step to play, to get more traffic….

Posted by Alex Miro

How to Create a Multi-Page Form in WordPress

Today, many people are wondering how you can create a multi-page form in WordPress? Multi-page gives the ability to provide users with the maximum amount of information, while not knocking them confused and not intimidating. This article states how it is possible to create a multi-page form in WordPress. Let’s discuss in more detail the whole…

Posted by Alex Miro

How to Add a PDF Download for Posts in WordPress?

In today’s world of computer technology many people began to wonder about how to add a PDF in order to be able to upload their own personal messages to WordPress. And the majority is interested in some simple way. All care whether you can easily make communications PDF. This article will describe in detail what…

Posted by Alex Miro

How to Show User’s Last Login Date in WordPress

Today, many readers are interested in this question of how to show the user when they last logged in to WordPress. In this article, our experts will tell you in detail how to determine the user according to his last entry to the site. And as happens the last entry on the site, namely, how it is…

Posted by Alex Miro

The Best Social Media Plugins Widely Used In Woocommerce Themes

Social Media is a pretty powerful thing these days. With the rise of Social Media on the Internet, it is very crucial that the businesses serving online must plan their marketing strategies keeping them as a prominent factor in mind.  If you haven’t integrated any social media channel into your e-commerce business website, I highly…

Posted by Alex Miro

The Future is Here – How WordPress is Evolving

Matt Mullenweg said this in November of 2015: “We can now say about one in four websites are now powered by the scrappy open source underdog with its roots stretching all the way back to a single person in Corsica, France. We should be comfortably past 25% by the end of the year.” Now check out…

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