How to Add a PDF Download for Posts in WordPress?

In today’s world of computer technology many people began to wonder about how to add a PDF in order to be able to upload their own personal messages to WordPress.

And the majority is interested in some simple way. All care whether you can easily make communications PDF.

This article will describe in detail what the ways you can do this. Visually describe how you can add this format in their private messages. There are different versions of a PDF download. What does this have to do.

The fact is that when a user changes the format of the messages the site, it automatically gets an opportunity to exchange all necessary documents with any operating system and other devices.

This gives you an absolute guarantee that the document together with all its contents will be printed in the same way, but using different platforms.

If you want to print out important documents, this format – exactly what you need.

It is important to know that when you change the format of the messages, all the records make it possible to keep the content on their desktop computer or laptop to continue to produce its seal when it will be convenient to the user.

There are types of content that have to print more often than personal documents. Often this is such variations as the recipes, various tasks in subjects in school, sheets of notes and other printed matter, which contains the maximum amount of useful information.

There are a huge number of updates that can be downloaded using internet resources. Your posts on the site will be updated automatically after you install and activate the product. Thus, the e-mail box addresses will increase by several times. Download and add posts for WP in PDF format can be as follows.

To begin with there is the installation and activation of the appropriate special plug. To read more information about the installation process, you must read the step by step instructions carefully about how it should be properly done.

When you have reproduced the activation, you will need to visit the site in the section of the page settings, and replace plug-in parameters.

There are also more advanced settings PDF

First we need to define the display format options, and then download and install them. The most common download Front option for the title page of the personal site, or as to the administrative panel.

There is access a section where you can directly select any load there should be. Namely distribute them between users and private office. They can be accessed by all users as the site, and only registered.

After that you should click on the General tab, in order to expand it. There will be choices of formats, both for mail and many others. For example, such as the common settings and the specific name of the desired file.

2 (2)

You can also configure separate sections on specific parameters.

There is a choice of different types of fonts, add your text and other custom settings.

Download section of this format is filled in by all of the above. There is also a feature that allows you to create watermarks. It is used to protect all your files from unauthorized distribution sudden.

This plug-in is provided with a full package of options that you need. Then you press the button, which is responsible for the positioning and alignment of all the other buttons. It was originally used as a standard, mated with the plug. Then you can easily upload their own profile pictures required format.

Upon completion of the installation and activation process, do not forget to click Save Changes that you be a hundred percent sure that did everything right and you will succeed.

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