• August 12

How to Show User’s Last Login Date in WordPress

Today, many readers are interested in this question of how to show the user when they last logged in to WordPress. In this article, our experts will tell you in detail how to determine the user according to his last entry to the site. And as happens the last entry on the site, namely, how it is displayed. There are various ways as a custom action can be tracked.

Method number one

Recent data about the user will be shown in the admin area. To do this, you must initially log on to the site and register. This method is considered the most simple, but at the same time it will display only the last user, and the date when he came in. It will display the name of the site administrator.

The first thing you need to do is to do the installation and activation of the last input plug on the site. To get more detailed information on this issue, you must very carefully to see step by step instructions, so that nothing is confused once again.

The guide will be written about how the installation of a plug for your own site.

After the owner of the site all activated if the activation process was successful, then it comes to the user’s home page, which is located in the admin area. There will be a visible column, in which all the people who came last in the system will be shown.

You press the last column, then Enter, and then looking for the icon with the date. All of these items are also in the admin area.

To start with the owner of the site will need to show all users that they cannot enter the site. This is done so that users can initially login to the plugin automatically activated. When the plugin is activated, it records the last login date on the webpage. After this operation, all the functions you need to save.

The second way is not so simple. This is due to the fact that all operations are performed manually. And if you do not have enough experience to establish their own plug-in, it is better to resort to the first has already proven way.

But if you still have to carry out all the items by hand, it is necessary to initially Show last user data, namely the date of entry. Login can be performed anywhere on the personal website.

You just need to add the appropriate code for a specific theme or a specific holder plug.

If you are not a professional in adding codes, then just read the manual initially, to be able to reliably insert the site code from the Internet.

Then the user presses Enter, and then adds this code that fixes the hour when a user is online, and other user data.


This code fixes the last user input as the Meta key. From now on, when the user each time will go to the site, it will save a huge amount of time, because he will have a Meta key.

Before you check the plug-in, it will be necessary initially to complete your presence on the site WordPress, and then return to the site again.

Then you map the Meta key, using this short code for custom widgets and post on the website.

Various codes clearly show the date and time the user has set.

Each code has its own formula, which is written in the manual. If you want this code to function properly, you need to remember a formula or written down and put in a prominent place.

Believe me, your site users will only be grateful for the fact that they will soon go to the webpage.

We hope that our experts will help you in full, but in that case, again more details refer to the step by step instructions for installing the plugin in WordPress.

In any case, both methods are effective; therefore proceed from the fact that you are easier and more convenient.

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