• August 17

How to Create a Multi-Page Form in WordPress

Today, many people are wondering how you can create a multi-page form in WordPress? Multi-page gives the ability to provide users with the maximum amount of information, while not knocking them confused and not intimidating.

This article states how it is possible to create a multi-page form in WordPress. Let’s discuss in more detail the whole process step by step operation.

Why do I need this page?

Shaped page is a basic method that stores a data by which you can easily communicate with your users who are on the site. This kind of a specific form, which is transmitted by e-mail, or clearly explained to users is in an online mode.

But the more complex it becomes, the more people abandon the process of creating these forms.

But there is a solution. Solve the problem in several ways. But it should be thoroughly acquainted with the whole process of the work. For us the main thing is the result.

To overcome this problem, the user experience experts recommend multipage forms. This way the form fields are divided into sections and pages.

To create a multi-page site you must follow the steps below.

When people are engaged in filling out the form, to feel more confident they are doing everything using an external display, which is located at the top of the screen. Thus, users are becoming more interesting, and their experience is greatly enhanced.


Even knowing all of the above can be discussed in more detail how you can create a multi-page form in WordPress, without making any effort.

These forms will be used primarily for beginners. This kind of plug-in contact form with WordPress.

The owner of the website must initially necessary to have a basic license, which has a fixed price of $ 39.

In order to buy it more cheaply, you can use the 10 percent discount.

With this discount, you will be able not only to issue a license, but in general any WPForms plans.

Let’s start with installing and activating the plugin for WP forms. In order to read the information in greater detail, should be read carefully step by step instructions on installing plug-ins. The main thing all the processes carried out correctly.

After you reproduce the activation, you will need to enter in a special field of the key corresponding to the license fee. You can purchase it after the owner of the site will go to your personal account on the site WP forms.

key will then need to copy and re-enter on a personal site settings section. Click the Insert button, and then check the key.

Detailed information about the license key WP forms

At the end of the validation key, you can start the creation of its first multi-page forms.

To do this, simply go to the site, adding there is a new page, and then automatically run the program, is responsible for all further work process. And so, add a new form.

The owner of the website comes up with the name of their future forms, selects the appropriate template from the list, which is provided in front of his eyes, a little lower on the page of the site.

After the final selection template is trying to create a form as quickly as possible. After that starts the form editor.

He starts by clicking on the left-hand column in the field. You then need to click on the field itself, to reproduce all the necessary changes. Form fields can also be dragged to your liking.

When you add all the forms, you should be prepared for the fact that it will be necessary also to establish as soon as a new page and section format for the fields from the left side in the special column on the website.

At the end of the creation of the form you click on Save Changes. Everything is saved automatically. And you’ll be a hundred percent sure that the procedure to change the shape was a success.

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