• August 26

How to Rename the Uncategorized Category in WordPress

If you have the desire to do the renaming WordPress categories, then you’re not the first person who came to mind this. Often, people who have just started working with WordPress wonder: If it is possible to delete or rename WordPress category? Today we will tell to the readers in what way they can rename this category. And so, let’s start.

How can you begin the process of renaming the WordPress category and that is all about?

Tags and categories are updated each time they have to install or reinstall. If you have already decided to write posts on your own site, then they should all be made in a single design decision. In other words one category.

If there is a situation that the owner of the site forgot to designate the desired category to him to his post, it is an automatic way to be marked. The name is ambiguous “Uncategorized”. The topic also indicated by default.

Basically, you just have to go into the category of “Messages”, and after that, you will be able to delete the desired category. But as long as you do not designate a new category, the old will not remove. Since the default should be active at least one of them. The owner of the site can solve this problem in two different ways. The first way is to change the name of the category, which is given by default. Make it more specific.

The second way – is to make a new start category.

Let’s discuss more specifically how people can rename an existing category, or install a new one. The owner of the site will not rename or make a new category initially. To do this, please go to the Messages, and after that open the category as an administrator and then follow the link. There you will need to do another new category.

Revision and renaming categories: how does it happen?

You will need to get to the new category in which you can edit screen as you want. After this process, you will be able to change the personal URL, and lastly, to do the new name of the category. If a website owner does not find the search tags, then the problem will be solved by changing the URL.

But if you need people, who will see the Internet site in the list of search browsers, you need to do the same operation. But it will beat you to the 404 error. This occurs time of searching engines. Or users will be looking for a site for the online service request, by visiting the old URL.

But, do not worry about that, our specialists will tell you more detailed about how you can do all of the processes all in the simplest way.

How can I change the standart category for WordPress?

For a start would be worth to you to make sure that those categories that were originally, you can skip the installation of the new process. Find a category that is unauthorized, but at the same time affordable. Go to View, then click on the icon “create a new category.” How does the addition of a new category in WordPress? You must go to Settings, then “Writing the page” Initially, you have to create a new post for the category page. Then set up the very category of “Save changes”, so that all settings are saved automatically.

WordPress now be seen as the default category. But it will be only in the case if you forget to give the name of the category. Despite this, all stored messages on the site will remain in the last category and do not migrate. If the same message a little, you can do it on their own, and not automated.

Either the owner of the site can check the instructions, a detailed study of all and look how you can remove most of the posts from the category to the WordPress.

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The owner of the site can also remove such category as News. If Internet page is only one of columns, all of the news will be stored in an automated manner transferred to the new category that you have previously set.

How to redirect the old column without an existing URL?

If you decide to rename a URL in the online mode or completely delete a category, then website won’t be visible to the search engines, as well as the users won’t see it. It will just knock out 404. But you can redirect the users known already to the new category. This can be done as follows. Firstly you need to install the program Simple 301, and then activate it.

Then redirected the plugin by yourself. If you do not know how to do this, but check beforehand with a step by step installation instructions.

After you activate the program, go to Settings and fit into the query field uncategorized URL and a new URL in a specially reserved for this field.

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