• August 19

WordPress Plugins That Will Quickly Help You Get More Traffic

Many owners of sites are wondering how to get more traffic for your personal WordPress site.

There are different versions of plug-ins that will help to increase the activity of site users and the traffic itself. This article will describe in detail what action should be step by step to play, to get more traffic.

And so, the 8 major plugins.

  1. OptinMonster

A huge number of people who come to the site once the holder of the second time will not come back to him. When this problem occurs, you can come to the aid of OptinMonster.

Its main task is to deal with the conversion of electronic mailbox subscribers and website visitors.

This plugin will help the owner keep track of how custom tracks behave in a particular situation. It will display, at what point the visitor decides to leave the site owner. At this point, you can easily make their subscribers your mailbox.

This plugin will help increase the number of electronic mailbox users up to 600 percent.

  1. Floating Social Bar

In order to produce the addition of social media buttons, there are many different plug-ins. Despite this, almost all of them are considered complex, which is highly undesirable for social networks because of their work webpage slows significantly.

Social networks must operate at maximum speed if they want to keep your popularity rating. You have the ability to set social floating bar, and follow it to the top of the resigns. Users will pay attention to it when you scroll down the page.

It is also possible to add it at the end of the bottom of the personal messages on the site. Often, the standard is the most common version of the floating social bar, which has a name – WPBeginner.

  1. Tweet Old Post

Very often it happens that the new visitors when creating a new blog post, then share it once, after which it will remain in the archive database on the website.


In order to revert to the old posts all could see the old posts on the website. At the same time they will also be seen in social networks as before.

This plugin will allow you to share old messages together. This will occur automatically with the same time interval.

  1. WP to the clipboard

The buffer allows the process of updating their own profile on social networks. The buffer allows the plugin to automatically level to add new messages in the buffer in turn. After this process you will be able to do a thorough automation of all the necessary exchanges in social networks, after the publication of the required post.

  1. Yoast SEO

This modern plug-in is considered the best among all major plug-in WP, as it is equipped with a full complement of tools to optimize your website.

The owner of the site will be able to leave all the tags necessary to import the search console in WordPress database.

The plugin will also assist in optimizing your own website for the most popular social networks, maps and others.

  1. Related Posts Inline

With this plugin you can see the references that correspond to the posts, located inside the articles. This will be an excellent option for long articles, because users are actively interested in the content of the site. Now people will have more opportunities to check the contents of the webpage. This will significantly increase the number of views and the amount of time spent on the site.

  1. WordPress Popular Posts

This plugin allows you to choose popular posts to highlight the best content on the site, so that users pay more attention to the site and spent there a maximum amount of time.


The owner of the site will be able to see the most popular posts, which depend on the number of views and comments webpage.

After that, the owner will also be able to display the number of thumbnails e-mail, and even sort the most important messages for any given period of time.

  1. Reloaded

Users of the website with the help of this plugin are often there the same amount of time. Comments help to increase the participation of users. You can subscribe to both read comments and articles. You will receive regular notifications on your email address each time a user will be signed on the comment or the article.

To better understand how to get more traffic for your own website, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the detailed step by step instructions.

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