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The Best Social Media Plugins Widely Used In Woocommerce Themes

Social Media is a pretty powerful thing these days. With the rise of Social Media on the Internet, it is very crucial that the businesses serving online must plan their marketing strategies keeping them as a prominent factor in mind.  If you haven’t integrated any social media channel into your e-commerce business website, I highly advise you to do that. The sales and marketing domain continues to change, and these days the landscape talks of social media promotions to attract and convert visitors into customers. According to HubSpot.com, people are likely to buy if they get a reference from Social Media.

Research and statistics show that 72% of Internet users are active on social media, and it represents a new prospect for marketing which you cannot ignore for your business. After the search engines, the prime most channels are Social Media that boosts your Ecommerce with new visitors, the then customers. Social Media promotions build brand awareness; build loyalty among your clients, and offer easy marketing and sales solutions.


Content is still the king but to circulate it across the web is a tricky thing. Integration of social media channels with an Ecommerce website helps you easily make your brand, business, product or the service easily before your targeted audience. WordPress serves a significant amount of share to companies who own Ecommerce Website. With its powerful WooCommerce Plugin, simply any business planning for a digital store can accomplish a successful business development and marketing strategy.

The powerful and WooCommerce plugin comes with plenty of add-ons or extensions to make it more diverse for a user.  The write-up covers how we can utilize social media on a WooCommerce Website.  Below are given some of the excellent Social Media Plugins widely used with WooCommerce Themes.

WooCommerce Social Login

With WooCommerce Social Login plugin, you can facilitate seamless and flexible login system that skips the cumbersome task of signup and instead allows to log in through the social media channel. One of the reasons visitors might not get converted into customers is that having a separate login for your website might not be user-friendly. A separate login system is complex as the user finds it difficult to remember. WooCommerce makes this very easy and secure by allowing Social Media channels to log in with WooCommerce Social Login. This plugin is completely compatible with WooCommerce and can provide login with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, Instagram or PayPal to any WooCommerce Website. The only con is that plugin is not free; the price starts at $79.00.

Social Buttons for WooCommerce

A very tiny but powerful plugin allows and enables the product to be shared across social media channels. It features display icons Facebook Recommend, Google+1, Twitter Share, Digg it, Pinterest, and Reddit on the Website. Customers can easily share them across the popular social media channel, and then refer them to their friends or write reviews for the products. Accordingly, it allows you what social media icon you want to display. You can also disable if required for any product. The look and feel design and the pricing $17 don’t suit this tiny plugin.
Social Coupon for WordPress. It is WooCommerce extension that has an amazing feature for sharing by the customer. It has an automated social coupon system that offers the discount to the user whenever any product or web page is shared to Social Media channel.


By this, you can efficiently gain new customers for your business, as well as at the same time increase your social media followers. Whenever the user completes a social media action, it automatically applies a coupon code that you want to offer to the checkout cart. It is available for $22 which is a good deal to go on a budget. The only issue is that you need to customize it according to the theme you use. You can use Refer a Friend for WooCommerce or Viral Coupon- Like, Tweet, or G+ to get a discount.

WooCommerce Instagram

If your company is selling products related to graphics, such as photographs, template, etc. this plugin is highly recommended to be installed. Instagram is a popular social media platform for displaying pictures and with this plugin you can easily display photographs of your products with relevant hashtags. It is available at a price of $29.WooCommerce MailChimp Subscribe. Although not a Social Media channel, MailChimp it is an effective way to make your customers in touch. By this plugin, you can enable a newsletter service for your user during their checkout. Similarly, WooChimp-WooCommerce MailChimp Integration can be used; however it is expensive to use.


The article covers in depth Social Media plugins for companies who use WooCommerce for their Digital Store. WooCommerce is a popular and efficient e-commerce plugin for building an online store on WordPress.

Author Bio:
Ankur Purohit is working with Baymediasoft – a renowned WordPress development company that emphasizes the website designing and development services. With Six years of experience working in the field of development and digital marketing, he has technical as well as marketing skills to deliver valuable web solutions

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