How to Stop Storing IP Address in WordPress Comments

In order to reliably know how to no longer maintain the IP-address, you should read this informative article. It described in detail how to solve this problem in WordPress comments.

There are owners of sites that make this process so that their users can continue to remain confidential. In other words, once again protect yourself. You no longer have to maintain the IP-addresses for WordPress comments. The undeniable advantages, as well as disadvantages IP-addresses of WordPress, will no longer be maintained in the comments. The database stores all the IP-addresses and magazines active users of the site, which constantly leave their comments.

Saving addresses need for the owner of the site itself could monitor and filter the comments left by users. And also to protect themselves from various spam. There are plug-ins that automatically block comment spam, which can harm the owner of the web page.

If users who are on the site owner is not listed in this service as VPN, their real IP-addresses in the same way you can search the database in which they are stored indefinitely. Although, there are also providers that store this information only partially. And keep it there any particular time period.

If you look at the situation from another point of view, if the IP address is not stored in the comments, it automatically helps to observe what comments can be set, and which must be deactivated in order to avoid privacy settings.

Users will be able to comment with full confidence that they will not be deleted later. The user site will not store more than ip addresses. In this regard, users will not have to worry. There is a number of different ways that you can stop saving-ip address in the comments. The first method is recommended for new web pages and novices create their own personal sites.

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To start with the owner of the site you want to install, and then activate the plugin to remove the IP address. To do everything in more detail and did not make a mistake, you need to read the step by step instructions for installing the plugin for WordPress.

Once you activate all, the plugin will automatically change to the user’s IP address. It is often used for the localhost.

Comments that are already out of date, will not be saved by the plugin. If any old comments with IP addresses are available, you can safely delete them. It is very simple if acquainted with the step by step list of actions.

The second method with the help of which you can remove the IP address manually. If you need to remove all not comment, but some part of it, the manual method is exactly what you need.

To do this, you need only enter a special code into the file, either on the site itself with the individual plug-in.

Everything happens in the same way as in automatic mode. In fact, no matter what method you use, in any case, the site will always be saved all the remote ip address. If you are on the site are outdated comments, he probably wants to remove them. This can be done using a special program, which is based on the WordPress database.

This is a truly important because, in such a way, the owner of the site will be able to reliably make sure that the backup of the database of the latest version. After you spend this operation will need to go to the WordPress dashboard, which is responsible for hosting and find another helper program – PhpMyAdmin.

In order to ensure that the selection of the database is successful, and it is yours, you need to click on the left of the file name on the website. Then you need to go through the menu.

Further ip address is deleted from the comments. Objective achieved.

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