Every webmaster knows about WordPress
  • February 17

Every webmaster knows about WordPress

Every webmaster knows about Wordpress – a platform, which was created specially for blogs and magazines. But Wordpress is known as a very flexible system. That is why there are different plugins, which can improve its functionality and help owners of websites. One of such plugins is Woocommerce. It is an addition for online shops, and it seems to be quite popular. Thousands of sellers use this plugin and create their own “department stores”. There is a great number of woocommerce themes – templates, which are often used by sellers who works in different spheres of trade.
However, the existing website cannot bring any profit to its owner. Without been promoted an online shop is just a beautiful number of pages, which does not give any money or visitors. That is why advertising is one of the main things, which are to be done by webmaster. Loads of ways of promotion have been invented since the Internet appeared. There are thousands of companies, which try to earn money, improving positions of clients’ websites. Of course, some of the mare swindlers, but others work honesty. However, there is something in common – web studios offer similar service sand they are those who constitute new and new methods. Here is the list of main ones.
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1. SEO
Is a method of improving site’s positions in searchengines. Google, Yahoo, Bing… millions of users search for goods that they want to get using these systems every day. Undoubtedly, the owners of websites, which use Woocommerce themes and other engines for shops, always try to get more visitors from such great online systems.
2. CPA
Is a type of partnership programs, which allows people to get customers from partner sin exchange for giving a part of benefit to them. Such method is becoming extremely popular these days – the reason is that you need not any initial capital. You just have to start working and selling your goods.
3. SMO
Is a method that gives an opportunity to promote a website among users of big social networks. It is something like virus marketing – you are to introduce something interesting to the Internet’s society. Everything else will be done by buzz marketing. So SMO should be obtained further insight – it is too important to be ignored.

So what is Social marketing? From which parts does it contain?

social marketing of woocommerce themes Firstly, creating your shop’s page in social networks is a very important part of promotion. Not many people really understand how to create an interesting official page, which can attract loads of customers. Often webmasters simply add notes about new goods to the official group and stay sure in the fact that they will get thousands of clients. However, they miss a very important step – the analysis of society’s respond. Do people like reading a simple list of goods, which is not tempered with some humorous posts or images? The answer is definitely no. People need something that will be remembered and will make them come back again. So you can sell great goods, a pretty Woocommerce theme can be installed on your website. However, if your command does not know how to attract people, the shop’s official page is predetermined to staying inactive. Authors of many templates for online shops were wise enough to allow adding to websites some social links – buttons, which are to lead to website’s official pages. Webmasters need not have any knowledge to add these links – they just have to fill in a few spaces in the admin panel.
Nevertheless, we have told only about a small part of integration with social tools. Another important opportunity is placing “share” links at every product’s page. It allows people to send some information about webmasters’ online shops to their friends – quite often share links give websites loads of visitors. Finally, there are many various plugins that can help with “socializing” websites. For instance, uLogin allows people to enter Wordpress sites using FB, Twitter and other accounts. It suits many Woocommerce themes and works properly – using short codes webmasters can place their widget anywhere.
Besides social networks, forums also can be very important. Thus, your goods can become a subject of discussion – new and new people will be getting information about your online shop. Our experts are absolutely sure that role of social marketing is go in to grow more and more. So if you want your online business to be competitive, do not ignore SMO – and you’ll be able to catch up with leaders. Our command wishes you luck!

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