• January 29

Woocommerce vs. Magento Themes for an eCommerce Website

Many owners of eCommerce sites select different Woocommerce themes for building an eye-catchy and profitable online project. If can’t choose the best WordPress theme for your eCommerce site then maybe you would like one of multiple Magento templates. Both online platforms – Woocommerce and Magento have their pros and cons. Let’s compare the most popular platforms to prevent you from selecting the non-profitable or non-fitting your project themes.

These platforms have a lot in common:

similarities of magento and woocommerce

But to choose the best theme for your online shop you need to pay attention to their unique features.

Magento themes: pros and cons

It is a widely used platform for online stores. Magento is chosen by many webmasters because it has an unprecedented flexibility, the great level of control and functionality of numerous official themes it offers. Magento is definitely is one of the most powerful framework open source platforms. Any eShop based on one of Magento themes can be easily extended and modernized.

The system offers the perfect solution for resource management, has a user-friendly admin panel, and hundreds of configuration options. Although the development of the site with one of Magento themes is a complex process, you will be rewarded by great flexibility, and many opportunities to manage the site after its launch. There is also an option to select from a wide range of its functions, making it the ideal engine for the different categories and industries.

Magento engine is an excellent choice if you need to add complex offers, coupons, and currency calculations to your online store. Here’s a list of major Magento services:

      • An option of adding multiple delivery items for customers;
      • Multiple payment options are supported;
      • Many Magento themes give an opportunity to dynamically change the price of goods at a website;
      • A quick and integrated execution of orders;
      • An bility add gift cards;
      • High level of security and protection of payment information of your customers;
      • Magento themes are easy to expand to additional services with multiple plugins and extensions;
      • A large number of support forums.

Magento is a very powerful system that will allow you to implement almost all the now known methods of selling through the Internet. Be prepared for the fact that an inexperienced user will need to “modify a file” to complete the work. You will definitely a professional webmaster to install, set up and update even the easiest Magento theme.
Compare pros and cons of Magento platform for your online store:

magento pros and cons 1

Woocommerce themes: pros and cons

WordPress is a popular blog system for content management and administration. WordPress is probably the best online platform for any projects, including shops. It allows adding content from the web interface.

Woocommerce became popular precisely the moment when WordPress was launched and it is still the best plugin for eCommerce websites. This is a relatively “young” platform for building an eShop. It is a great choice if you want to sell products in small quantities, but in hundreds of pieces each. Basically it has the same features as Magento themes but it is based on WordPress. So if you choose WordPress for other projects or blogs then your choice should definitely fall onto Woocommerce themes.

Woocomerce is incredibly easy to install and upgrade even if you are a new user. In terms of creating an online store, the most popular solution is a bunch of WordPress platform + Woocommerce plugin. The plugin is absolutely free and it supports free WordPress templates. There are much more Woocommerce themes to choose from compared to Magento choices.

Woocommerce plugin is popular due to its perfect usability. You can add a catalogue, card products and the various elements of an online store on Woocommerce, understandable for any user, since all of them are realized quite simply.

One of the worst cons of Woocommerce themes is that they can conflict with other WP plugins. Check compatibility with Woocommerce before installation of any new plugin.
Compare all pros and cons of Woocommerce themes as the major WP cashing plugin:

woocommerce pros and cons

No matter what is the best theme will eventually be for you – Woocommerce or Magento – the main thing is to let professional webmasters to install and set up this theme for your online store. In such you will avoid multiple problems in future.

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