Woocommerce is a best platform for WordPress sites
  • February 16

Woocommerce is a best platform for WordPress sites

Woocommerce is a platform, which is quite popular with webmasters all over the world. Thousands and thousands of online shops use it and sell different products. The result is the fact,that there are some special woocommerce themes published in the Internet. To be honest, almost every Wordpress theme can work with the shop plugin. However, to work does not mean to work properly. System themes are always throwing different errors. Moreover, these errors can become a great problem. That is why after trying different beautiful Wordpress templates the owners of online shops usually stop hesitating and install a special Woocommerce theme which can say “stop” to wasting webmasters’ time and money.
According to our opinion, the official Wordpress store does not offer enough woocommerce templates. In other words, the section devoted to this shop plugin’s templates is quite small. Therefore, webmasters have todownload themes from different sources, which often do not seem to be safe enough.And now we are coming to the main subject of this article. Why are special themes for Woocommerce shops better than system ones? Which advantages and disadvantages do they have?
woo commerce The first and main plus of templates for shops is simply the fact that they are made specially for online shops.Of course, this reason can sound trivially but it is really the main argument. Pages of woocommerce themes are not the same that original Wordpress themes are – added materials are shown in the completely different way. Moreover, manyweb studious offer thematic templates for various shops – fruit, vegetables, furniture, cars, even houses… - you can sell absolutely anything having a properly working woocommerce theme at the same time.
Secondly, WC themes usually look in a more “business” way. If we look through the catalogs of templates for Wordpress, we can find many minimalistic and funny themes, which cannot suit the online shop. Now it is time to tell a few words about disadvantages of woocommerce templates. Our expert reallybelieve that the main one is a big weight of pages. Mostly, the templates are very beautiful and contain many different additions. The result is that pages are too heavy for some computers andthey are not enough user friendly for mobile phones. All these facts make the hosts of large online shops spend extra money on creating light versions of their sites.
As a conclusion, our company would like to say that every webmaster is free to choose, which template he is going to use. However,it is very importantto find a one, which will be convenient and beautiful at the same time.

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