• August 13

The Best Plugins to Improve WordPress Comments

The default comment system integrated into any WordPress responsive theme is not satisfactory for many users and website owners because it has its lacks and many useful features have to be added additionally. In order to provide the best comment system for your WordPress theme you can use the following useful plugins.

The best WordPress comment plugins:

  1. Yoast Comment Hacks

As you might guess from the name, this plugin provides improved functionality of the standard comments WordPress, make public some of the features that have been used in the development of Yoast earlier.

The plugin is divided into five different modules, each of which is devoted to various “hacks” for comments. Let’s take a more detailed look at each of these modules you can add to any responsive theme on WordPress platform:

  • The minimum length of comments;
  • Redirecting comments;
  • Editing parent comments;
  • Sending a return email to a commentator on post;
  • Improved email notifications.


  1. Social Comments

This plugin adds comments in a WordPress responsive theme which allow you to quickly and easily embed a blog comment from different social networks (Google +, Facebook and Disqus). All that is needed – is to choose styles and types of social networks that you want to configure the plugin to do the rest yourself. This plugin is the perfect solution that is perfect for most blogs.

  1. Disqus Comment System

This plugin allows you to completely replace the standard form of comments in WordPress responsive theme. Disqus is a service that provides webmasters and bloggers a full and very functional system yet. The only thing that is required – register when Disqus. Plugin comments Disqus Comment System – is a plug-monster, which allows you to make of the comments, all that is everything. The plug-in functionality includes:

  • The opportunity to leave a comment on the blog by using the comment form of social networking;
  • The hierarchical structure of the comments;
  • The support service of Gravatar;
  • SEO-optimized comments;
  • Automatic backup of comments;
  • The possibility of subscribing to rss-channel form of a comment WordPress and send notification to e-mail;


  • Fighting spam using white and black lists e-mail addresses of spammers;
  • You can import comments;
  • Responsive customer support.

In general service comments Disqus is a very powerful tool that will allow you to control every comment to your blog, plus increase the number of comments using the comment form of social networks. Disqus Comment System allows you to create on your blog comfortable and very functional form of comments by installing only one plug! The total logging time with Disqus plugin settings takes less than 10 minutes.

  1. Facebook Comments plugin

With Facebook comments you can quickly build a form comment multimillion social network Facebook to your blog. Have a comment form will allow users of the Facebook social network can easily leave comments on your blog, thereby increasing visitor traffic, the number of comments and attract even more attention to the content of your blog.

  1. Comments Evolved for WordPress

This plugin is similar to plugin Social Comments. As well as Social Comments this tool allows you to embed comment form for multiple social networks (Google +, Facebook, Disqus). We would say that the plugin and plug-Social Comments and Comments Evolved for WordPress are basically identical in functionality! But it is simpler by design and interface.

  1. WP-Ajaxify-Comments

This tool can speed up the process of sending a new comment. The fact that the standard form for a WordPress comment system, after pressing the “Send” or “Add Comment” it sends the data to the server and updates the page on your site, thus users have to wait until the page is updated, and use your Internet traffic; although in fact when you add new comment you need to update only the comment block rather than the entire page.


This tool saves you time, nerves and Internet traffic. That’s just to achieve comment improvement goals, 8Theme suggest you to use one of the above plugins to any WordPress responsive theme.

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