• June 23

How to Clone a WordPress Site in Few Easy Steps

Creating a copy of WordPress site and its location on another server seems a daunting task for every owner. However, this is not quite true. There are a sufficient number of tools that greatly simplify this process. Cloning any WordPress theme with all content can be easily done.

8Theme gives a free and very popular option for cloning WordPress site, for step-by-step cloning and deployment. And do not go around and pay attention to a premium option.

Tools and services you can use to clone WordPress sites

Most popular free option to migrate WordPress site is also one of the easiest to use. Though there are many other options for this kind of site copy and install it to another address.

If you want to move your site to another web hosting service, expand the template at all you are using plug-ins, and the settings, or create a local template as your site without disturbing its integrity and texture. These tools will help you to do clone any WordPress theme with two or three simple clicks..

1. Plugin Duplicator

Plugin Duplicator is a free tool from Life in the Grid for cloning and it can make you a copy of your site on WordPress engine.

The interface of the plugin is very easy to use to create a copy of the site. It also creates an installation file that is added to the server along with other archive files. When the installer is run, it starts to copy the entire site, including the existing content, configuration and content databases on the chosen service.

The plugin performs all the functions, in addition to creating a database and a MySQL user for a copy of your site. But for the majority of users will not be difficult to create an empty database in which your file will be extracted.

A method for creating a database can be directly dependent on how you set your chosen hosting. You will find online guides and information about the service you are using.

The entire process of using this plug-in for WordPress site duplication is quite simple. And if you did have such earlier, the second time will be even easier.

After installing the plugin to WordPress theme that you want to replicate, you must create a new package. It includes all the content of your site, collected in a single file.

When you create this package, you can exclude certain types of files or folders, but by default they will be added to the archive. Exactly the same situation with WordPress database, allows you to remove and filter tables with the package.


Then you can add to the database and specify the necessary details which will be rolled out a new version of the site. Moreover, you can skip this step at this stage and to make the data in the installation process, if you have not had time to create a new database.

Scan your site’s readiness for duplication. After the scan is complete, check all items marked. Click on “Create” to generate the package. Once the package has been created, download the installation file and archive installer.php. Both files should be uploaded to the server where you want to deploy a copy of the site.

With the free plugin Duplicator you can easily create a new template and a copy of the site. This is a very good helper for everyone who wants to clone your site on WordPress.

2. ManageWP

ManageWP – a service that allows you to manage multiple WordPress sites with a single resource.

Using the functions of this service you can set the theme, activate the plug-ins and even remotely publish content on sites that are managed with a single management console.

One of such features is ManageWP plugin that allows you to quickly clone a WordPress site and expand it where you want. It also allows you to move the site to another server, expand the template that contains all the settings you need and plug-ins, or create a copy for testing and development.


You need to create a database for this new template WordPress, if it does not already exist. For information about how to do this can be found in the documentation ManageWP.

But since it is a premium feature ManageWP, you will need to upgrade the free version to use the tools for cloning and migration site.

3. Cloner

Cloner is another option is to transfer or clone WordPress theme with all content from your site, but it is designed to duplicate in a multi-site network.


This premium plugin from the creators WPMU Dev allows you to copy all or only part of the information on the site and expand it to other sites on your network. Plug members may even replicate one link and add any other in the same network.

If you work with multisite and you need tools that can save you time, then turn your attention to this plugin.

4. BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is a premium backup service for WordPress made by iThemes, who takes care of backups of your website. But it also includes an option for hosting your WordPress site on other sites. For example, the binding site to a new domain and web hosting, create a local version to work on individual sites with a single. Though you and may be enough only this function, you also get access to other no less useful features that completely justifies the cost of acquisition with BackupBuddy.

And if you have not decided on a solution for backup site, and are looking for a tool for cloning site, with the help BackupBuddy you catch two birds with one stone.

Once you’ve made a copy of your WordPress theme, you can deploy a site on any other resources, and to transfer it to another server, or installed locally. 8Theme can make a backup copy for you by means of any of these tools and options.

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