• December 23

How to Build Your Personal Brand Using WordPress

Taking control of your online presence and creating a memorable brand using a free or premium WordPress theme is easier than you thought.

Nowadays your personal brand reflects the information about you that is available online, mostly on social platforms. In this article you will learn how to create your personal brand online by means of a WordPress template.

How to build your brand with WordPress themes?

  1. Understand yourself and that you are doing well

Your personal brand reflects who you are, so you cannot build your brand if you do not know yourself. This does not mean introspection and obsession with itself; it is rather a realistic assessment of their strengths and weaknesses, what you enjoy doing, and skills that you own to perfection or trying to buy right now.

  1. Create a memorable name of the brand

If you have the original name, you can do it in the name of their brand. If the name does not exist, create a combination of their name and their specialization. “You want to find you, and not someone who is called in the same way as you,” – explains Dan Shubel, the author of “Me 2.0: 4 Steps to Building Your Future”. But remember, if you took advantage of its specialization to create a brand name, then you have already attached to this specialization.


  1. Staked your brand to an online site with WordPress themes

Buy a domain name that matches the name of your brand, and provide yourself a page on Facebook, a Twitter account and Google+. If you find that the name of your brand is already “busy”, create more brand names. On LinkedIn, you’ll use your real name, so the name of your brand should be there right in the profile.

  1. Create your own website with the proper domain name

It’s much easier than you think. There is no reason to deal with a complex editor of a website; you can create a great website with a platform like WordPress. There are alternatives to this platform, but in reality, WordPress theme is standard. In any case, you do not need a traditional site, because they are too “official” appearance.

  1. Set up automatic updates

In order to reduce the amount of work in all these social media, configure the application that will allow you to take positions in all of them simultaneously. For this purpose you can use the option of automatic updates in WordPress themes.

  1. Regularly share useful content in your site with a WordPress theme

Do not try to be a professional blogger. Instead share “tips on what [you] are selling, relevant news and personal changes that create an emotional connection and which show you the positive side, for example, your philanthropic interests,” – explains Clara Shih, CEO of Hearsay Social in the magazine Harvard Business Review.

How can the website with WooCommerce theme help you?

To start with thing you have to do is to fabricate yourself an individual site with one of WooCommerce themes. While having online networking profiles is awesome, informal organizations go ahead and go. You require your very own stage where you can distribute anything you need. The stage is where you are the personal brand.


Building a site with a WooCommerce template is to the greatest simplest degree. You will require the WooCommerce theme facilitating administration and the domain’s name.

Create a personal brand with a WooCommerce theme:
  • The way your site looks is imperative to make a decent initial introduction;
  • WooCommerce accompanies huge amounts of free and premium themes to choose from;
  • The most imperative thing you can accomplish for the achievement of any site is to create an email list;
  • Making a site can be made simple with WooCommerce theme; however you will even now need to include content;
  • Many individuals would prefer not to get in touch with you through online networking. This is the reason you will see contact pages on each site with WooCommerce themes.

Naturally WordPress theme accompanies an online journal on the front page. It is absolutely up to you whether you need to have an online journal on your webpage or not. You can really make a WordPress based webpage with no website and only the couple of webpages.

If you have any questions related to building a WooCommerce theme or WordPress template based website, then you can ask them on our forum or via the Technical Support.

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