• April 27

How to Send a Thank You Email to Blog Commenters in WordPress

Thank Me Later plugin integrated into any WooCommerce theme allows thanks to your blog’s or site’s commentators, because they do not just come to the blog, but also left the comment.

Plugin Thank Me Later added to WordPress themes

The best thing is that this plugin that sends words of gratitude on the mailbox of the visitor, who left a comment on your blog. And this tool does it in a “tricky” way – in the plugin settings there are settings that allow you to adjust the period. Setting up the plugin Thank Me Later:


  • Downloading the plug-in from here, i.e., with an official source. Next we need to install and activate this plugin in one of your WordPress themes or WooCommerce templates;
  • Once you have installed and activated the plugin go to the bottom of our admin panel. Below you can see the tab that WordPress is specially made for this plugin;
  • Go to the first, indicated by the arrow, in Messages. Here we need to create a message to be sent, we are going to do. Suggests the name of the object (Subject), and in the drop-down menu, select Edit;
  • In the window that opens, in the top of the check the accuracy of these data. The fields From Name and From Email must be entered correctly. These data will be shown on mail you send;
  • And it takes the data from the plugin settings that can be changed in Settings => General. So, if everything is correct in the data field, omit the look below. There will be two fields in WordPress themes – the left and right;
  • On the left side of the displayed code and message, but in English language, and in the right window – as it will be available to the recipient.

The next setting is to Send limit that is responsible for the number of sent emails. Let me explain what it is. If your visitor wrote a commentary in WordPress themes, this plugin will send him the words of gratitude, taken from your settings. And do it as many times as you specify in this field.

If you specify a value of “0” – then your visitors would feel poor. Every time, for any comments in WordPress themes, it will come to the post office thanks to its very fast “would get” and he instead go and again to comment on your blog, at best writing you with the request not to send him more message data.


The option Targeting is responsible for targeting, ie, here you can specify tags, categories and posts, commenting that your visitor will not receive emails – thanks. The default is “all targeted positions” for those users who are not in the ban category. After all of the settings do not forget to click on Save Message in your WordPress theme.

If you liked to features of Thank Me Later plugin then you need to visit our forum where users discuss this and other tools for WordPress themes and WooCommerce templates.

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