A Complete Guide to Customizing Woocommerce
  • February 15

A Complete Guide to Customizing Woocommerce

As a business owner, you are always concerned about your customers and all the scenarios around them. If your customer leaves your site and visit another one, it will badly impact your business. If you are an e-commerce business owner, you can't afford to lose your customers, and if you are still losing, ask yourself what's the flaws in your website that make them leave to leave your website.

On the other hand, what if the customer prefers to visit only your site instead of others? They are monitoring each and every feature on your site and viewing every detail on it? Isn't it what every website owner demands and wishes? Well, I have a solution to turn this dream into reality. Wondering why?

With WooCommerce, you can manage your e-commerce website more accurately and efficiently. It is a platform that is being used by millions of prominent and pre-eminent e-commerce websites. Don't you like to know more about this platform? Let's move ahead and discuss it in detail.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is easy to install and easy to use platform that is being considered by millions of e-commerce owners. Currently, it is the only platform of the WordPress site that provides you with a detailed list of E-commerce sites. It is accessible directly from WordPress and let you design captivating and enchanting online storefronts.

It can be used not only by professional developers, but a new developer without having any experience can also get their hands on it. It comprises many features and characteristics that make this platform highly recommended. Since it introduces, it has taken the world by storm for all the right reasons. Want to know more about it? Let's go.

WooCommerce Features

WooCommerce is a versatile and flexible platform that comes with many solutions and options regarding e-commerce. If we ever plan to begin an online storefront, the first thing that comes to our mind is a platform that can handle every process regarding that store, i.e., Transactions. Though you can consider many sites in this process but finding a free, customized, and flexible site is not a straightforward process.

What If I tell you that WooCommerce provides you with all these features free of cost? Sounds exciting? Yes, WooCommerce is easy to install platform that is versatile, flexible, can be customized, and totally free of cost. Who can imagine finding all the features in a single platform free of cost? Let's put a light on a few features of WooCommerce to know more about it.

1 - A Wide Collection of Themes

WordPress site is enriched with many appealing themes from which you can choose as per the requirement. Furthermore, every year they come with default themes. WooCommerce platform works efficiently with all types of themes. You can edit or customize any part of your site free of cost in order to compete with your competitors. Make the site as per your desire and make it worth-appreciating.

You can also add different tags under every product so that more and more people can reach your product or site without any difficulty. It also allows you to set the language and currency according to the requirement. You can also sort out your products according to popularity, newest collection, price tags, etc. These all elements can be handled and done by WooCommerce. Isn't it what we all demand in order to handle e-commerce site?

2 - Manage Customers and Order

For any e-commerce website owner, management has always been a major concern. The plugin allows the user to enter their username and password if they want to, and later, in return, it gives them a login reminder. During all this process, you don't need to manage anything yourself.

Afterward, the plugin manages and offers pain-free refunds to all the users who have created their account. It manages all the shipment and transaction processes, order cancellation, order delivery. In short, each and everything is done by the plugin manually. This is something we never expected to experience. Did we?

3 - Optimize Your Store

Another feature in the list is; it optimizes your store so that you can sell more and more products to the customers looking for it. This plugin operates on one of the notable websites WordPress and that site is termed as one of the worth considering sites for SEO Practice. It also gives different coupons to the customers/users, and each coupon is applied to a specific product or on the whole parcel being sent to them.

It features special products accessible at your store so that the customer finds it easy to understand which product they should go along with. It keeps notifying customers regarding important points, i.e., completion of order or order dispatch day, etc.

4 - Sell Products Anytime

Whether the customer wants a physical product or downloads a digital product, WooCommerce has made the shipping process easy and straightforward. An Affiliate link is being provided to the customer from where they can easily acknowledge which products are accessible in the store and ready to deliver. You can easily change the tags and prices on a specific product with this plugin for your customers.

The customers are also given the option regarding the product delivery that they can choose as per their ease. You can also give the customers offers of free shipment on some specific products. Hence, the selling of products has become easy with the WooCommerce plugin.

Why Choose WooCommerce

After going through a bit about WooCommerce, you might have thought that why we should choose WooCommerce when there are many other options available. You have a few other e-commerce platforms that you can choose but why specifically woo-commerce? Let's get straight to the facts and summarize this point in a few steps.

1 - It is Free to Use

How many e-commerce platforms you know that offer free services? Probably you won't be able to name anyone. Whenever we come across any free product, the first thing that comes to our mind is cheap and low-quality. However, it might be surprising for many that despite being a free plugin, it provides you with all the premium features necessary to operate e-commerce websites.

It gives complete order tracking, keeps updating about the delivery status to the customers, enriched with all the essential tools, Manage Tax Settings, and a lot more required for e-commerce businesses. After knowing this feature, who wouldn't want to give it a try? Surely everyone would definitely want to experience it.

2- Easy to Install

It is an extremely user-friendly plugin that doesn't give you a tough time. Even as a beginner, you won't find it hard to get your hands on this plugin. If we have a look at a few other significant platforms for e-commerce, you won't find that much ease that this platform provides to the customers and owners. If you already have knowledge regarding WordPress sites, things will become more simple for you.

Hence, you can't get a better platform than woo commerce in order to operate your e-commerce website successfully and efficiently.

3 - Valuable Customer Support

It's been a decade since this platform is giving all the e-commerce website owners various facilities, among which the worth mentioning is great customer support. With time, it is improving with additional features. When it comes to the developers, they have an inspiring record and are considered the most professional in their field. This type of professionalism and customer support is hard to find in any other platform.

If we look at the data, we will find out that more than 40% of e-commerce sites are using this platform that proves that how reliable this platform is and why one should consider it before starting an e-commerce business. If we compare this percentage with other platforms, you will find it the most significant. Hence, its customer support service is another reason to give this platform a try.

4 - It can be Customized

WooCommerce is accessible with many extensions that give a huge room for adding anything as per the requirement. The main reason that forces people to try this site is its customized feature. The extension carries Marketing, Payment details, Accounting, Reporting, and much more. All the business owners have a wide range of options from which they can choose any as per the requirement.

These extensions help them to customize the business as per their need and want. As per the business needs, they can keep customizing. It is one of the worth considering ways to grow the business and compete with the competitors.

WooCommerce Plugins

If you are running a WordPress site, then here is good news for you. You can easily install any WooCommerce plugin or extension easily on your site in order to begin your e-commerce business. Whatever version you are using, you will find such plugins that easily integrate with your site. Let's have a detailed discussion on a few premium and free plugins that you can consider in the future.

1 - PayPal for WooCommerce

If you want to expand the features and characteristics of the WooCommerce platform, here is the first pick for you that you can consider. With this plugin, you can experience all the PayPal features efficiently. Whenever a customer wants to send the money for a specific product, they will choose the PayPal option, and the money will be easily transferred.

2- Currency Switcher Plugin

Another plugin in the list is the currency switcher that allows international visitors to easily access your site. It makes an international transaction easy and straightforward. It easily let the international users convert the currency according to their requirement. Hence, if you want to accommodate your international clients, this plugin is worth trying.

3 - WooCommerce Multilingual

This plugin is associated with language. Many people find language issues and don't visit your site. However, this plugins allows user to check the site as per their preferred language. If the current theme that you have applied for your site doesn't support different languages, then this plugin will facilitate you in this regard.

4 - Ship Station Plugin

This free WooCommerce expansion incorporates a bunch of instruments for satisfying requests and transports them to areas around the world, for example, transporter rate number crunchers and structures for printing names. This plugin is useful in its regard.

5 - Gift Cards Plugin

Here is another plugin that makes it easy for you to send gift cards to your customers who purchase any product from your store. Sending gift cards is a good way to make new customers and to develop good relationships with them. On the other hand, it also increases your brand's value, and more and more people got to know about your products.

6 - Woo Subscription

Membership locales are a mainstream type of eCommerce, and this premium module gives the instruments to set up and offer memberships to administrations or items, for example, online magazines. This plugin incorporates devices for capacities, for example, overseeing repeating month to month charging and keeping up supporter data sets. This tool can also provide you with a lot of benefits.

7 - Products Slider Plugin

The last tool I will enlist for you as a perfect recommendation is the Slider plugin. It gives an appealing touch to all the chosen products and helps you to feature special sale offers in a way that attracts maximum customers. It is a free plugin that is easy to install and makes your site worth considering. It surely helps you to increase the number of customers and expand your business.


For many people, this platform might be new, yet for the last many years, it is facilitating different e-commerce sites efficiently. The number of people using this platform is proof of how reliable and popular platform it is. Hence, if you have an e-commerce business or thinking of starting one, you can't get a better platform than WooCommerce.

It carries all the possible facilities and features that one can demand. I have made sure to give a detailed review on this topic in a simple way. I hope this guide will be informative for you in the future.

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