• June 29

How to Delete Your WordPress Blog

Sometimes you need to delete WordPress themes or entire blogs. Reasons for removal of a blog can be very different.

For example, you put a blog, and something it turns out to be spoiled. If your blog is unsatisfactory, it is easier to remove it and put a new one. Or if you have problems with supporting this blog on one of premium WordPress themes. In all these cases you will need to delete your blow completely. Below you will find tips on how to do this.

You need to learn how to delete a WordPress blog correctly. The result of poor removal – having the tails in the database and sometimes in the file manager hosting which can then interfere with other resources to operate normally.

First of all you need to know one thing, any sites hosted on engines such as blogs, online shops and forums, consist of two types of information. The first type is files and folders that are stored in the file manager host. The second type is the database. And you need to delete everything.

Removing WordPress blog

To delete a site in the console, go to Tools -> Remove Site. By e-mail request will be sent to the remote site. If you delete a blog on one of WordPress themes, nobody will be able to take advantage of the site address. Remove a site only if you will never need it again. If you are unsure in your decision, you can make your site closed, that no one can access it. Remember – you can always make a site open again.

DO NOT REMOVE your WordPress theme or blog if:
  • You want to pass your blow to someone else;
  • To change your username;
  • To delete old records or other content.


How delete all records, pages, comments on WordPress blog?

Sometimes you need to clear the content of a blog; the reasons in fact may be many:

  • removal of the test content,
  • you decided to blog on a theme, but then changed their minds and moved to another,
  • you may decide to abandon the system of commenting and not to litter the base, remove all comments on this site.


These are several reasons – the first thing that came to my mind. So in this post it will look at all options (through the admin panel through phpMyAdmin, via code) and delete entries, pages and comments on this site.


How delete all posts?

Let’s consider two ways to delete all posts from your blog on one of WordPress themes:
  1. Through the admin panel

The easiest way, but may not work if your theme or plugins too much hung on the filter delete_post. Go to the admin Entries> All notes. Then, at the top right of the screen you want to open the tab “Display Settings” and set the number of records displayed is greater than or equal to the number of all your records. Hit “Apply”. Note the checkbox in the table header, thus select all the records on the page. From the drop-down box, select “Delete”, and then click the button Apply. Entries will be taken from the basket and after a while automatically deleted. But of course you can make your own go to the basket and one click to remove them manually.

  1. Through phpMyAdmin

If you have trouble removing the blog admin area, let us climbed into a MySQL database and try to dig them out. Before starting any of the presented SQL-queries, make a backup! Also make sure that the tables prefix in the request to the appropriate prefix in your database (if you are not sure, substitute standard – wp_, suffer from it will not be, unless your database does not use multiple sites on WordPress themes). So, open phpMyAdmin, then select the database used on the site, go to the SQL tab and insert to the following:

DELETE tb1, tb2

FROM {prefix} posts tb1

LEFT JOIN {prefix} postmeta tb2 ON (tb1.ID = tb2.post_id)

WHERE tb1.post_type = ‘post’

Hit “OK” to execute the query.

Deleting posts through the code using WP_Query and wp_delete_post ()

For those who are familiar with WP_Query, perhaps this method will be even more comfortable than the other two, because with the help of parameters WP_Query you can very precisely specify what positions you want to delete.

How to remove all pages from your WordPress blog?

Removing pages in WordPress themes is not much different from deleting records, because in fact the page – it’s the same positions, but another page. Get rid of all the pages on a blog you will by the same methods as described above, but in every way to be one small change, let me show you how. In the first method, you will need to go no entries> All entries in Pages> All Pages (in principle, it should be obvious).

If you have difficulties with complete deletion of your WordPress themes and blogs, you can always use our professional team that will solve any problem with your WP sites immediately.

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