• September 8

Adding Title and NoFollow Tags to Insert Link Popup to WordPress

Would you like to include a title and nofollow tag to your WordPress theme based sites? Unfortunately, WordPress does not give a client interface to including those properties. In this article, 8Theme will demonstrate to you proper methodologies to add title and nofollow to embed link popup in WordPress sites.

As a matter of course when a client clicks on the addition link from WordPress theme, you will see a popup window.  Such property allows you to include the link URL and the link content. You can alternatively decide to open the link in another window. This will make an essential link that will resemble this in the HTML view:

<a href=”http://yoursite.com” target=”_blank”>Example Website</a>

Frequently 8theme specialists suggest that you utilize rel=”nofollow” quality on the outer links. This quality tells internet searchers that they can slither these links, yet you would prefer not to pass away any link power to these sites.  Thus, the title quality in a link permits you to include a portrayal of the page you are linking to.

Such service clients what they will discover when they tap on the link. Both these fields are critical from a SEO perspective. Since WordPress theme was updated to version 4.2 the center group chose to uproot the title field in any sites on this engine. Rapidly there appeared a few plugins that would restore the title field; however, they weren’t good with the nofollow plugins.

Adding title and nofollow tags to link popups

To start with thing you have to do is introduce and initiate the Title and Nofollow For Links plugin that can be included into a WordPress theme. It works out of the case, and there are no settings for you to arrange.


Essentially alter or make another WordPress post and after that tap on the addition link catch in the post manager. The supplement link popup will show up, and you will see the restored Title field and a checkbox to add the nofollow ascribe to the link.


The HTML of your hyperlink with a title and nofollow qualities will resemble this:

<a href=”http://example.com” title=”Your Domain” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Your Website</a>

That’s it in a nutshell how to add link popup via adding title and nofollow tags to WordPress themes. 8Theme trusts this information can help you add title and nofollow to embed link to any website. You might likewise need to see our rundown of 40 valuable instruments to oversee and develop your WordPress blog.

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