Month: December 2015

How to Add Google Analytics Event Tracking in WordPress

Would you like to track client movement or event tracking while they are using your website with WordPress theme? You can track site’s hits, referral source, time spent on page, and a great deal more by means of Google Analytics tool, yet for additional top to bottom bits of knowledge, you should use event tracking….

Posted by Alex Miro

The Beginners Guide on How to Add Twitter Cards in WordPress

Twitter Cards allow you to attach the news to your tweets that lead to your content that can be created to your website with a WordPress theme. To do this, you just need to add a few lines of HTML code in a webpage, and then the users who will tweet links to your content,…

Posted by Alex Miro

How to Create a Blog Post Checklist in WordPress

All of us commit errors to our blogs based on WordPress themes’ entries that could be effortlessly maintained a strategic distance from by utilizing a blogging agenda. Best bloggers use it to check for slip-ups and to ensure that their articles are prepared to be distributed. Further we will demonstrate to you industry standards to…

Posted by Alex Miro

Best Code Editors for Mac & Windows for Editing WordPress Files

Many who began to write coding or the HTML markup primary sought editor where you can do such, specifically for novice editors are meaningful by the fact that is usually has recommendations & highlighting mistakes in the coding. That is why you may need few solid code editors fro editing the files of your WordPress…

Posted by Jack Richardson

How to Build Your Personal Brand Using WordPress

Taking control of your online presence and creating a memorable brand using a free or premium WordPress theme is easier than you thought. Nowadays your personal brand reflects the information about you that is available online, mostly on social platforms. In this article you will learn how to create your personal brand online by means…

Posted by Alex Miro

How to Use SMTP Server to Send WordPress Emails

If yours site on WordPress themes has open enrollment or a forum with alerts, the site certainly sends many e-mails. All of them are, by initial, are sent via the standard transport system. Such simple approach does not require any supplementary configuration and emails are sent very quickly. Nevertheless, it imposes critical disadvantages. As the…

Posted by Alex Miro

How to Add Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs Section in WordPress

Generating a section of frequently asked questions & answers (better recognized as section FAQ) can assist yours website with one of WordPress themes to cope with the task of supporting customers. All clients, readers, customers like when they are offered the list of FAQs to them. You can redirect your users to the FAQ section…

Posted by Alex Miro

8 Best YouTube Video Gallery Plugins for WordPress

Now everyone knows that it’s adding video clips from YouTube service in writing or on the pages of yours website with one of WordPress themes is very simple. A bit of coding or a URL of the video clips, & you’re done. But if yours site many video clips, you’ll probably want to find a…

Posted by Alex Miro

How to Easily Add Custom CSS to Your WordPress Site

Surely you have to edit any post, post or any entry on your website with WordPress themes and you may face the problem when you need to add your custom CSS code. It may be necessary for the styling of a section or an item on a page. You can, of course, add this CSS…

Posted by Alex Miro

How to Embed a Facebook Video in WordPress

Social networking website Facebook has a lot of video clips that can be embedded just like video from any other services – YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. Facebook video can be easily integrated into any WordPress theme. How to insert a video from Facebook into WordPress themes? At first you need to find a desired video…

Posted by Alex Miro

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