• December 21

How to Use SMTP Server to Send WordPress Emails

If yours site on WordPress themes has open enrollment or a forum with alerts, the site certainly sends many e-mails. All of them are, by initial, are sent via the standard transport system. Such simple approach does not require any supplementary configuration and emails are sent very quickly. Nevertheless, it imposes critical disadvantages.

As the number of messages & the importance of such an approach have a stretch is called acceptable & non widespread issues. For instance, yours mail sent via a WordPress template may fall into spam or not every the recipient at all.

In most cases, the decision may be sending messages through third-party services, like as Gmail or Yahoo mail for yours domain (SDA). You can in addition pick up to receive emails through yours own mail server, what tend to own even the most basic web hosting with one of WordPress themes.

Disadvantages of email applying via regular system in WordPress themes:

  1. Emails may fall into the spam

About all the spam filters & methods of verification letters, working, for instance, Yandex Mail or Gmail probably know only the employees of such companies. Despite the large number of closed from prying eyes of features for checking incoming shipments, there’re few things that it’s can enhance confidence in the postal service to yours letters.

  1. Emails may be missing

Another method that it is used to weed out poor postal service letter – is Greylisting. Here, at the time of sending the letter, the taking server can answer yours site something like “I am busy right now, come with such letter in ten minutes.” The site does not know what to do in such a case – an email was sent to send, that is all, so a letter sent just vanish & will not be delivered to an addressee.

Sending messages via SMTP from WooCommerce themes

The principal contrast between sending e-mail through an external service (Yahoo Mail, Gmail) or yours own SMTP-server does not. It’s the same. But if you decide to use yours own web hosting or dedicated SMTP-server right on your WooCommerce theme, you ought to pay attention to its features. Do not forget to set the correct DKIM- and SPF-record in yours domain features.

Google & Yahoo does not prohibit the sending of emails through their servers in such way, but own few limitations on the number of sent messages per day. For instance, Gmail is obviously specified limit of 2000 messages per day. Yahoo does not reveal specific numbers & support hinted that is such figure is dynamic.


Note that is many web hosting sites to connect to external servers are blocked (information is accessible to support the hosting or applying the telnet). In such case, you can ask for the support of hosting allows connections with WooCommerce themes. Sometimes such requests may be taken into customer’s account. Or use the internal mail server provided by the hosting provider. As a rule, it’ll run even faster than the outside, that is why it’s usually located on the same corporeal server as yours website made with a WooCommerce theme.

On individual practice, it was observed that it’s the Yahoo mail for the domain does not keep the letters sent via the SMTP-server in yours outgoing messages & Gmail savings straight from WooCommerce themes.

WP Mail SMTP plugins for WordPress themes

All letters sent to WordPress themes applying the wp_mail (), what acts on the famous library PHP Mailer. To allow WordPress & wp_mail () send e-mail through SMTP-server you must set up & arrange WP Mail SMTP charts of the official website of WordPress.org: make activated the tool. Go to Features → Email in the Control Panel.

Configuration WP Mail SMTP:
  • Go to the page on configuring Advanced Email settings;
  • The pursuing description is given & the required values ​​for every item;
  • From Email – address from what the system will eventually be sent & to what the recipient to send a reply, by clicking on the “Reply” in their email;
  • From Name – sender’s name, you can specify the name of the website or its name;
  • Mailer – sending messages via the system transport (option mail ()) or through SMTP-server;
  • Choose Send all WordPress emails via SMTP;
  • SMTP Host – SMTP-server address. You can find out from the service desk or in the reference section. To use Gmail straight from your WordPress theme you need to type – smtp.gmail.com;
  • SMTP Port – the port SMTP-server depends on the type of encryption (Encryption). For Gmail, use port 465;
  • Encryption – encryption type. For Gmail you must set up Use SSL encryption;
  • Authentication – whether you want to perform authentication on the mail server. Set up to “Yes: Use SMTP authentication”;
  • Customername – customername of the mail. As a rule, the full address of the mailbox must match the value specified in the From Email;
  • Password – Password to your mailbox in a WooCommerce theme.


After saving the features, you can send a test email message. To do such, type the address of the box, & then click Send Test. At the specified address will eventually be sent a short letter, & demonstrates the service information with the outcomes. Check whether it’s a letter to the specified address? If not, then something is not arranged correctly & WordPress cannot send emails.

Sending messages via the SMTP-server is more reliable & correct way to deliver emails with WordPress templates. To use SMTP does not necessarily deal with configuring & administering mail servers. Services like Google are well coped with the task & for a tiny application is that is essential.

If you have any questions left about setting up a SMTP-server on your website with one of WordPress themes or WooCommerce templates, you may go to our forum or ask the Technical support.

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