• December 25

How to Create a Blog Post Checklist in WordPress

All of us commit errors to our blogs based on WordPress themes’ entries that could be effortlessly maintained a strategic distance from by utilizing a blogging agenda. Best bloggers use it to check for slip-ups and to ensure that their articles are prepared to be distributed. Further we will demonstrate to you industry standards to make a blogging agenda in WordPress template to keep away from mix-ups and accelerate your publication process.

Why do you need a blogging checklist in your WordPress theme?

As a blogger you would soon build up a standard style and a procedure to experience for every single article you distribute. In the event that you are working alone, then you are in charge of getting every one of the errors before an article goes on the web. Regardless of the possibility that you are dealing with a multi-creator site, there is dependably a chance that somebody would neglect to include something. Things to do when adding a checklist:

  • You would need to check spelling and sentence structure errors;
  • Include highlighted picture;
  • Use SEO components, scheduled posts;
  • As your site built on WordPress theme develops you will be adding more pre-distribute assignments to the procedure.


This is the place a blogging agenda proves to be useful. It permits you to experience every one of the things that you have to check before distributed a post. This is not just helpful in getting oversights; it will likewise permit you to work speedier and all the more productively.

Including a blog post’s checklist in WooCommerce themes with plugins

To begin with thing you have to do is introduce and initiate the Pre-Publish Post Checklist plugin. Upon initiation, you have to visit Settings àPre-Publish Post Checklist page to arrange the plugin.

To begin with you have to tap on the Add agenda thing to include an errand in your blogging check list. Click on the spare thing and after that rehash the procedure to include all your agenda assignments.

Beneath the checklist things you will discover the settings for the default move to make when agenda things are not finished. You can decide to not distribute a post or caution client about finishing the assignments in the agenda.

What to add to checklist on your WooCommerce themed blog?

You can now make another post or alter a current one. On the post alter screen you will see the new Pre-distribute agenda box containing every one of the assignments you have to check before distributed a post.

Basically tap on the checkbox beside a thing when you have completed it. On the off chance that you attempted to distribute a post without checking every one of the things in the agenda, the plugin will demonstrate for you to notice.


The answer truly relies on upon your own particular publication work process and process. However there are some regular assignments that are practically vital to any blogger’s pre-distributed agenda.  We trust this article offered you some assistance with adding a blogging agenda in WooCommerce themes.

If you have any questions about creating a blog’s checklist on a website with WooCommerce theme or WordPress template, then you can ask them on our forum or via the Technical Support.

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