• December 23

Best Code Editors for Mac & Windows for Editing WordPress Files

Many who began to write coding or the HTML markup primary sought editor where you can do such, specifically for novice editors are meaningful by the fact that is usually has recommendations & highlighting mistakes in the coding. That is why you may need few solid code editors fro editing the files of your WordPress template.

The most popular code editors for editing files in WordPress themes

  1. Atom Code Editor

Atom is a free open source software that it’s allows you to customize yours demands.

Main characteristics for editing files within WordPress themes:

  • The file system browser;
  • Fuzzy search to quickly open files;
  • Multiple cursors to choose;
  • Possibility clotting coding.

And more, this editor allows to code with compatible with the Windows, Mac OS X & Linux.

  1. UltraEdit

UltraEdit’s partly a product of a family of products for evolving IDM Computer Solutions. It’s well suited for editing HTML, PHP, C, C ++ & virtually any else coding. Few advantages of such editor I bring further. Such product has a fee & the cost of $ 79 per year.

Main characteristics of this editor for files in WordPress themes:

  • Editable units;
  • Multi-caret editing;
  • Syntax Highlighting;
  • The integrated FTP client;
  • Embedded SSH;
  • Editor topics.

And this code editor is more compatible with the operating systems Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.

  1. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a very famous editor, beautiful design, terrific text prediction as a option of the coding, & more.

Main characteristics:

  • Command palette;
  • Split editing;
  • Highly customizable tool of API.

And more, the application is not free & will cost you $ 70. There are compatible platforms like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

  1. ICEcoder

ICEcoder is a browser-based text editor what allows you to edit coding directly in yours browser, no matter it’s on the local host or the Internet. It supports multiple languages ​​HTML, CSS, JavaScript code, PHP, Ruby, & more.

Main characteristics:

  • You can use both online & local servers;
  • Set of different topics;
  • Find & replace options;
  • Accelerators within WordPress themes;
  • Guidance of files’ database.

This editor in addition is free & supports such OS as Windows, Linux and Mac.

  1. Notepad ++ (only for Windows)

Notepad ++ is an excellent replacement for Notepad for Windows OS for editing files in WordPress themes. Despite the fact that it’s he does not own such a set of settings, like other editors, it’s great for editing HTML, CSS, JavaScript code & different files with the coding.

Notepad ++ – is the editor open source, what is an excellent replacement for Windows Notepad. It supports tabs, syntax highlighting HTML & CSS. It has an excellent system of search & replace, what includes support for regular expressions & search through the list of files. Notepad ++ in addition has a tool system that it’s allows the editor to empower supplementary settings, like as loading via FTP.

Using web-page based plugins for editing files with WooCommerce themes:

  1. WYSIWYG editor. Such graphic editor that it’s allows you to build a page layout & set the visual styles as in the well-recognized word processor MS Word that you may add to a WooCommerce theme. They are a convenient tool for building page design, though, as every practiced web designer, the coding will still own to “comb” to achieve an excellent outcome.
  2. Text editors. It’s a tool to directly edit HTML & CSS coding. Few editors own a widespread purpose & they own no special features to support web coding. Others are specialized for Web languages ​​like as HTML, CSS, JavaScript code & PHP, & own built-in features to quickly enter HTML tags, CSS properties, & etc. Many of such editors allow you to view a web page in a separate window. You can freely use such editors for editing files in WooCommerce themes.

If you have any questions left about choosing a code editor for editing files in WordPress themes or WooCommerce templates, you may go to our forum or ask the Technical support.

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