• December 3

How to Embed a Facebook Video in WordPress

Social networking website Facebook has a lot of video clips that can be embedded just like video from any other services – YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. Facebook video can be easily integrated into any WordPress theme.

How to insert a video from Facebook into WordPress themes?

At first you need to find a desired video on Facebook you want to add into WordPress template, then you need to do the following options:

  • Click the right mouse button on the date of the name of the person or the name of the Facebook page;
  • Copy the link to video;
  • Go to the Facebook page embedded video player and scroll down to the code generation unit (Code Generator);


  • Insert the copied link in the “URL of video”;
  • Then press the button “Get Code”, in the pop-up window, there you will see get two sets of codes ready for adding to WordPress themes.

The first block of code is inserted into the head unit to your site (header.php) there are a few ways to do this. The first is to edit the file header.php with inserting the copied code after the <body> tag in the code of your WordPress themes. The second code to Facebook video is setting the plugin Insert Headers and Footers.

The second type of the code can be inserted only once in a file WordPress header.php and the next time you add a video, it is no longer necessary to add Facebook video in such complicated way.

Also the second block of code, you can insert a page in WordPress theme, which should show the video itself with Facebook tools.

Plugins helping to add a Facebook video to WooCommerce themes:
  1. Video Embedder

This tool allows you to embed videos by WP blog with popular services for video storage (Facebook, Youtube, etc.). Adding video services such important because you do not need a lot of space at the host for storing video, allowing you to choose cheap tariff plans! Even on a free hosting with 200 Mb of memory space, you can deploy your own cinema online. Recently, a video on websites has become quite urgent. Almost every site has a video.


Once the plug-in Video Embedder is activated, go to its settings. To do this, go to the administration panel of the blog in “Settings à Video Embedder” (they do not change what is not necessary, everything is working perfectly). Here you will see tags that you want to register in WordPress editor to insert the desired us a video with the desired host:

  1. All in One Video Pack

This powerful tool can help to insert Facebook videos into your website on WooCommerce themes. With this player you can create playlists, download any video files directly in a post of your site built on a WooCommerce template.

Features of plugin:
  • It has the ability to record, download and import files in a blog entry;
  • Record your video with a webcam and import all media files directly on your blog;
  • Manage and track your video content;
  • Advertising in the form of a roller;
  • Your site’s readers and subscribers to add video and audio commentary, as well as participate in joint video;
  • Edit video clips using the in-built online video editor;
  • It supports more than 150 video, audio and picture file formats and codecs, including videos from Facebook, YouTube and other popular formats;
  • The plugin has the ability to create playlists.
  1. Smart YouTube

Smart Youtube is one of the most popular video plugins you can use with one of your WooCommerce themes. Smart Youtube supports playback of Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Liveleak Facebook and high quality videos that work on the iPhone and iPad.

Features of plugin:
  • It is easy to integrate videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Liveleak Facebook;
  • This toll can embed video that will be played on iPhone or iPad straight from your WooCommerce theme;
  • Support of widgets to insert the video in the sidebar of your WooCommerce theme.

If you have any questions left about how to add Facebook video to WordPress themes and WooCommerce templates, you can ask them on our forum or during the talk with the Support Service of our project.

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