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Choosing a True WordPress Theme for Your Website

Any WordPress theme stands for a group of files (template files, style sheets, images and additional database files) that are responsible for the appearance of a website. Any premium or free theme for WordPress typically includes a set of templates and built-in plugins for visibility and functionality. A WordPress template usually represents a set of…

Posted by Alex Miro

Why to use Parallax effect and video background in WooCommerce Themes

Parallax (according to Greek origin meaning “change, alternation”) means a change in the apparent position of an object relative to a remote website background depending on the point of cursor. Initially, parallax effect was a scientific term used for explanation of natural phenomena in astronomy and geodesy. Right now, it is also a term in…

Posted by Alex Miro

Tips for Getting Started with WooCommerce Themes

WooCommerce is a popular platform for eCommerce projects to WordPress engine that was developed by professional designers and developers from 8Theme team. In this article, we will focus on how to start working with any of our premium WooCommerce themes. How to install a WooCommerce plugin You can use basic styles and copy them over…

Posted by Alex Miro

Visual Composer for WooCommerce Themes: Main Features

WooCommerce themes are the best way for a startup eCommerce project to declare about itself for Internet users. Our team of developers helps to customize standard and unique WooCommerce themes to make your eShop a really great website that actually works and earns money for you. One of our powerful instruments that we use for…

Posted by Alex Miro

Get Professional WordPress Support for Premium Themes

One of the best advantages of premium Woocommerce themes is a smart technical WordPress support. Our team of WP developers offers the post-support of all premium Woocommerce templates to make sure you get everything from a paid theme. After buying one of our premium WP themes with Woocommerce plugin you can expect to get the…

Posted by Alex Miro

Why to Use Google Analytics in Woocommerce Themes

Google Analytics service allows WordPress website owners to learn more about the target audience and users visiting a website. This tool collects data about how many of them where they are, what they are looking for, what pages they are browsing, etc. Google Analytics is easy to install on any site on WordPress, but some…

Posted by Alex Miro

Magento is one of the most popular platforms for online shops

Magento is one of the most popular platforms for online shops. It was created by programmers in 2008. In 2011 the whole system was sold to eBay –now the engine is their responsibility. According to statistics, in 2013 it was the most popular one. At the same time,the above-named system has a big disadvantage –…

Posted by Alex Miro

Every webmaster knows about WordPress

Every webmaster knows about WordPress – a platform, which was created specially for blogs and magazines. But WordPress is known as a very flexible system. That is why there are different plugins, which can improve its functionality and help owners of websites. One of such plugins is Woocommerce. It is an addition for online shops,…

Posted by Alex Miro

Woocommerce is a best platform for WordPress sites

Woocommerce is a platform, which is quite popular with webmasters all over the world. Thousands and thousands of online shops use it and sell different products. The result is the fact,that there are some special woocommerce themes published in the Internet. To be honest, almost every WordPress theme can work with the shop plugin. However,…

Posted by Alex Miro

Signs That Your Website Runs on WordPress

A site engine or a content management system is a program that generates pages, interacting with the database (that stores all the data on the site; they are there in order for ease of handling). Also, the site engine has a unique administrative panel through which you can manage various settings of the site, and…

Posted by Alex Miro

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