Why to use Parallax effect and video background in WooCommerce Themes
  • February 26

Why to use Parallax effect and video background in WooCommerce Themes

Parallax (according to Greek origin meaning “change, alternation”) means a change in the apparent position of an object relative to a remote website background depending on the point of cursor. Initially, parallax effect was a scientific term used for explanation of natural phenomena in astronomy and geodesy. Right now, it is also a term in WordPress web-design that denotes adding of a smooth and stunning video effects straight to you WooCommerce themes.
Parallax effect is one of the best way to make your WooCommerce website demonstrating items and services a unique and interesting place to visit. Increase users’ interest to your eCommerce project easily by means of our exclusive WooCommerce themes with pre-installed and built-in parallax scrolling and video background effects. Make your WooCommerce website “alive”, funny to watch and easy to use with our WooCommerce templates improved with popular and advantageous for a website promotion effects – Parallax scrolling and animated or video backgrounds.

What is Parallax effect for a WooCommerce theme?

What is Parallax effect for a WooCommerce theme Parallax scrolling creates the illusion for an eye that two objects in one line seem to be spaced apart from each other, moving at different speeds. The same effect can be observed if to look out during the rapid movement of the machine: the woods or mountains on the horizon barely move, and lights sweep past the insane speed. If we talk about web design, then Parallax effect for WooCommerce themes is a special technique where a background image in the long term moves slower than the foreground elements. The sites made with its use really look very impressive and memorable. Achieve this effect simply three-dimensional space. This can be done by our professional team of WooCommerce theme developers by using several layers - they will overlap and when scrolling the page move at different speeds.
Advantages from using Parallax effect for your website on WooCommerce theme:
Advantages from using Parallax effect for your website on WooCommerce theme 1. Your website will look more attractive for visitors thanks to the professional made 3D illusion, making it look more cinematic and eye-catching one. 2. Your website will look more professional and “expensive” by design though you won’t spend a lot of money to achieve such effect. Our professional WooCommerce themes with Parallax effect won’t cost you much. 3. Parallax effects as well as animated video background will be able to make even plain catalogue an interesting, "live" and attractive one for even most fastidious users. 4. Parallax effect will look good for any kind of website with WooCommerce templates – landing pages, stores, personal blogs, portfolios and many-many other different projects promoted online.

The possibility of using Parallax effect for specific WooCommerce websites

Such interesting design decision cannot be applied exclusively to create the effect of three-dimensional images. For example, by moving icons on a WordPress site, you can draw attention to certain sections. This can also be achieved if certain icons to scroll process will vary in size. There are also websites that contain very limited amounts of information. Perhaps it is only a description of the company and with the contacts page. In this case, the parallax effect help site "tune up" in a new way, to make it more interesting and attractive.
Keep in mind that a website today, without exaggeration, is the “face” of your business online. It is essential for you to remember if you want to succeed in promotion of your project online. It is necessary to stand out among others, to motivate a visitor to remember your website on WooCommerce themes. Our team can add Parallax effect and video backgrounds, non-static elements to any pre-installed (premium or free) WooCommerce template. Or can create a new one especially for your project, from scratch. We use the best premium tools and our huge experience of work with WooCommerce templates to create really unique, eye-catching and professional SEO themes for WordPress based blogs and websites.

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