Visual Composer for WooCommerce Themes: Main Features
  • February 24

Visual Composer for WooCommerce Themes: Main Features

WooCommerce themes are the best way for a startup eCommerce project to declare about itself for Internet users. Our team of developers helps to customize standard and unique WooCommerce themes to make your eShop a really great website that actually works and earns money for you. One of our powerful instruments that we use for customization  of WooCommerce themes based on WordPress platform are page builders like Visual Composer. Let’s take a closer look at the major features and advantages of this particular premium page builder for your WooCommerce based website.

What is Visual Composer?

 Visual Composer for woocommerce Visual Composer is a very popular page builder developed by Code Canyon – a company that sold its unique premium WP plugin more than 9000 times. User reviews score from 4.4 to 5 stars out 5. It means many people despite its price find Visual Composer the best drag-n-drop plugin for quick page editing. Visual Composer is a striking plugin for WordPress sites due to many reasons. It is literally bursting at the seams with their settings and options pages that can be created through a simple drag-n-drop interface. Clicking on the button and filling out few fields at once is pretty impressive. In the database of Visual Composer for our premium WooCommerce themes you will be able to find 44 built-in content-based elements that can be easily added to pages through the simple interface of this plugin:
    • Sliders for pages /posts, allowing your readers to view the best content
    • Widgets for Twitter, Facebook Like button
    • Tabs for switching between multiple pieces of content in one area
    • Flyout FAQ, allowing for maximum use of space page
    • Flickr widgets to display images from your Flickr account
    • Creative image gallery
    • Buttons and other elements of the call to action

With this plugin, you can do many things. If you are missing some features, you can add your shortcodes and then insert your own items to WooCommerce themes with Visual Composer.

How can you apply Visual Composer for WooCommerce themes?

How can you apply Visual Composer for WooCommerce themes

Any page builder including this popular premium tool allows very easily create page layouts or posts that will combine your content and widgets that will help to create an attractive and user-friendly home page for any website, fixing the bugs of the original layout of internal posts/pages.

Use Visual Composer for WooCommerce themes to:
    • Create sliders with images and postings;
    • You can use Visual composer for WooCommerce quick view;
    • Add multi-column layouts;
    • Add widgets from Facebook, Twitter and other social networks;
    • Quickly create image galleries;
    • Choose among a large number of buttons and notifications;
    • Insert accordions, tabs, and adaptive grids.
All of the above can be easily added to pages and posts with simple drag-n-drop builder. This page builder creates a new page or in a post that is drag-n-dropping required elements on the page.

How to install and start using Visual Composer page builder?

We advise you to buy one of our WooCommerce themes with pre-installed Visual Composer that is a powerful premium page builder.  Use Visual Composer plugin for WooCommerce themes is quite simple - after installing the plugin button will appear on the screen Visual Composer "Add new page" in WordPress admin panel. When you click on the button opens different opportunities, and you can start to create attractive pages for your blog.

A visual page editor built in Visual Composer

A visual page editor built in Visual Composer for woocommerce Visual Composer for WordPress is probably the most convenient and easy to use page builder from the library of premium WP plugins. The plugin has a built-in multi-language support. Visual Composer has many functions for posting content, to the blocks so you can apply effects CSS animations built by default. The plugin allows you to assign to any block their classes CSS, and then ask them style. The plugin allows you to create pages in Classic mode editing pages, and in real time. You fill in the website page, and immediately see the result. After you create a page, you can save the page as a template, and then use it on any other page. This feature will allow you to create a unique website easily.
Main elements of a visual page editor of Visual Composer premium plugin include:
    • series of blocks (adds a number to insert blocks);
    • a text block (to accommodate a block of text, HTML code);
    • a separator (horizontal line);
    • delimited text (horizontal line with text);
    • announcement post (colored block with text);
    • Facebook Like, Tweetmeme, Google+ buttons;
    • Pinterest widget;
    • FAQs (revealing text + - suitable for questions / answers), photo (inset image with the CSS);
    • Image gallery (insert multiple images with effects CSS).

How to add items to a page with Visual Composer builder and editor

To add items to a WooCommerce theme through Visual Composer:
    • Add the number of blocks;
    • Select the number of columns per page.
Add an item to the block
Add an item to the block, woocommerce You can add blocks on a page and immediately see the result of his work, as it will appear on the page. You can add item, templates (save or load a page template), change a page title, enable / disable tips, quickly view page as it will look on different devices (monitor, tablet, phone), go to a classic WP editor, save changes anytime and edit page content.
Adding animation effects in Visual Composer
Some units can add CSS animations of their appearance on the page. To do this, click on the pencil icon and select from the list the effect of the appearance of a block. Each row of blocks or “cubes”, as developers call them, as well as each cube can be assigned to the background color, padding, and some other essential settings.

Why should you choose Visual Composer among other page builders?

Visual Composer among other page builders Visual Composer is a very useful premium page builder especially for novice website owners. It allows creating an adaptive (responsive) design of any website page from the pre-built «cubes» and optimizing the topology of pages by dragging and resizing the "cubes" as you like it. This is the most adaptive WordPress-aimed page builder. There are two modes for editing - using the admin panel (back-end) or directly on the page of the site (front-end). You can immediately view the resulting page, including emulation of different devices. This is what makes Visual Composer really unique plugin even among similar premium page builders usually integrated with WooCommerce themes. As these "cubes", for example, can be a text box, picture, gallery, slider, shortcode, separator, button, text or HML JavaScript, Google maps, video player and lot of other elements - more than 40 built-in tools constantly expanding in number. It also supports third-party plug-ins - Contact Form 7, Revolution Slider and others widgets that come with the core of WordPress platform and can be found practically in all our WooCommerce themes.
If you need a great, cheap and working page builder, you should take an advantage of Visual Composer integrated with WooCommerce plugin. For beginners working with WordPress, who have no experience in programming, creating an attractive and functional website is a challenge. Most often, when faced with certain difficulties in solving problems by spending too much time and effort the owners eventually hire a team of professional developers of WooCommerce who can handle with Visual Composer and other premium WordPress plugins and tools.

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