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Basic Properties of Visual Composer in WordPress Themes

If you are a regular user of our service then you have probably noticed that we have a lot of premium WordPress themes. Most of templates have a pre-installed plugin set including the most popular one among our users – Visual Composer. For novices we’d like to explain all basic properties of Visual Composer for…

Posted by Alex Miro

How to Build a Website with WordPress: Practical Tips

Suppose, you have a project in mind – a shop for selling bags online, a personal blog, a handmade website where you can talk and sell your DIY items. What to do to make it presentable online? How to make it not just good-looking but also a popular one? We say let the professionals solve…

Posted by Alex Miro

Design Trends in WordPress Landing Page Themes

Connection with the general commercialization and development of online trading in today’s Internet special urgency purchased so-called landing page for an Internet shop. In fact, it is a web page advertising a product or service and needs to encourage visitors to take some action – buy, call or sell. Each landing page is created corresponding…

Posted by Alex Miro

Ways to Make Your WordPress Site Multilingual

How to keep your WordPress site available for users who speak different languages? How to post news and articles via the WordPress panel in German, French, English and other languages? Let the team of 8Theme to help you with this task. Our premium WordPress themes are quite effective when it comes to multi-lingual support. We…

Posted by Alex Miro

WooCommerce Product Variation – A Viable Solution to Enhance Your E-Store Capability

WordPress is not just touted as the most sought-after blog publishing tool, but is also now considered as the most powerful content management system around the world. WordPress can be used to build almost any website, however, it is usually the last option to use when building an online store or an e-commerce site. But,…

Posted by Alex Miro

Main Methods for Speeding Up WordPress Themes

When it comes to a website, especially an eShop the faster it works the better. Nowadays speed of website pages’ loading is one of the important factors. Too slow page loading speed, ill-conceived usability, lagging WordPress themes and plugins will not lead to success. Studies show that the rate of sites on WordPress influences: conversion,…

Posted by Alex Miro

Design Trends for WooCommerce Stores

The team of developers of 8Theme specializes in creation of premium WooCommerce themes. That is why we follow and use the latest design trends for WordPress templates that can be useful for WooCommerce based stores online. We want to share our design trends that we use in our premium WordPress templates offered for WooCommerce stores….

Posted by Alex Miro

The Evolution of WordPress in 2015 and Beyond

WordPress is one of the most updating online platforms. It is one of multiple reasons, why millions of people use this site’s engine to create their private and corporate websites. We advise our clients to update WooCommerce themes and WordPress plugins along with updating WordPress engine itself. Our themes can be set up to install…

Posted by Alex Miro

Choosing a True WordPress Theme for Your Website

Any WordPress theme stands for a group of files (template files, style sheets, images and additional database files) that are responsible for the appearance of a website. Any premium or free theme for WordPress typically includes a set of templates and built-in plugins for visibility and functionality. A WordPress template usually represents a set of…

Posted by Alex Miro

Why to use Parallax effect and video background in WooCommerce Themes

Parallax (according to Greek origin meaning “change, alternation”) means a change in the apparent position of an object relative to a remote website background depending on the point of cursor. Initially, parallax effect was a scientific term used for explanation of natural phenomena in astronomy and geodesy. Right now, it is also a term in…

Posted by Alex Miro

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