• February 13

Signs That Your Website Runs on WordPress

A site engine or a content management system is a program that generates pages, interacting with the database (that stores all the data on the site; they are there in order for ease of handling). Also, the site engine has a unique administrative panel through which you can manage various settings of the site, and most importantly manage the pages of your website, add new pages and change other information that appears on the site.

The site admin panel allows even a person far from programming to manage the site content and other actions that are necessary for the development of the site and maintain its performance. From this point WordPress as a site engine is one of the most user-friendly platforms because even an inexperienced user can quickly figure out how to post and edit content on a website via the WP admin panel.

Most Woocommerce themes that offered on our website are based on WordPress CMS with pre-installed SEO plugins and sliders. This platform is great for eCommerce online projects and fits any blog or a personalized website. In other words, it is a universal platform.

How to recognize that your web administrator or a competitor uses WordPress platform? or that you have deal with WordPress engine after buying one of premium Woo Commerce themes?

How to recognize that a website runs on WordPress?

  1. Try to access the site by typing into your browser’s address field: http://site.ru/wp-login.php

If the site uses of one of Woocommerce themes and runs on WordPress, then you will see the window with the WordPress logo, where the access to the site.

  1. View the source code of a site, it is a standard key CTRL + U and in the beginning of the code will always start with the meta title = “generator” content = “WordPress (version number)”.
  2. Another sure way to identify WordPress engine is through a picture posted on the website. It should have a full URL resembling http://stie.com/wp-content/uploads/1.jpg – the words “wp-content” stands for another sign of WordPress engine.
  3. Use http://site.ru/robots.txt and discover if there the following words, then they may indicate the engine WordPress. These include:
  • / wp-content /
  • / wp-admin /
  • / wp-includes /
  • /wp-register.php

How to recognize that a website runs on WordPress

Every year webmasters and bloggers are trying to predict the popularity of a particular trend, before creating any new Woo Commerce themes for WordPress-based sites. Need to look at a lot of WP-in before you find what you need. It is better to choose a template from the popular and proven resources. After all, so many will mean a good SEO optimization, compliance with eye-catching Woocommerce themes. There are no obvious problems like with upgrades to future versions of WordPress or installation of any business or SEO plugins. That is another great advantage unique for a WP engine.

Top 10 signs of a good Woocommerce theme working on WordPress engine:

  • Adaptive and responsive Woocommerce themes’ design (should run on any PC or a mobile device)
  • Support of TML5 and CSS3 design
  • An ability to create a one-page site with an attractive and user-friendly interface
  • Metro style for new Woo Commerce themes
  • Clean code and simple design
  • Multi-purpose themes – that are equally good for different target audiences and visualization of a posted content.

Top 10 signs of a good Woocommerce theme working on WordPress engine:

  • A full-screen mode for video and photo backgrounds
  • Smooth design of image galleries
  • Support of WordPress Grid threads (when sites are looking like Pinterest blogs)
  • A multi-language technical support and admin panel’s versions

WordPress is a popular and very responsive to any webmaster’s tasks platform with a user-friendly and simple admin panel, a huge database of plugins and sliders, multi-language technical support and regular updates.

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