• February 19

Magento is one of the most popular platforms for online shops

Magento is one of the most popular platforms for online shops. It was created by programmers in 2008. In 2011 the whole system was sold to eBay –now the engine is their responsibility. According to statistics, in 2013 it was the most popular one. At the same time,the above-named system has a big disadvantage – it needs quite an expensive hosting, because CMS needs too much resources. That is why people often have a question: why are Magento themes so famous? What is the reason of the engine’s popularity?

We really believe that there area few ones. Therefore, this article contains the analysis of main Magento’s advantages and other causes of the greatest success.

Magento themes

1. Convenient admin panel

Impartially saying, Magento’s admin panel is much more convenient than Opencart and other engines have.The process of installation is quite easy and the system suits both professionals and beginners. Templates are flexibly edited; there are many good plugins, which are very useful. Therefore, loads of ways of payment exist – Magento really can suit to webmasters all over the world. There is only one problem with functionality – some add-ons are not free.

2. Magento themes

It can sound quite surprising, but templates for above-named system are quite convenient and seem to suit every type of online shop. Different themes for fruit shops, cars shops and other ones exist. That is why more and more webmasters decide to start working with Magento.

3. Technical problems

Magento is quite a stable engine– the system is supported by developers and hundreds of forums all over the Internet provide webmasters with the information about solving problems. Situation with other shop engines is quite sad – new bugs are always being found by users. Magento users need not write parts of CMS for themselves – everything is already done.

4. The engine’s owners

eBay is the owner of Magento CMS. It sounds likea guaranty – such awell-known organization just can’t produce a bad thing or put the project into a refuse bin. Another conclusion is the promotion of CMS. eBay have enough money to providetheir affiliated project with resources.

5. Simple installation

To Install Magento CMS or some themes for it, you do not have to be a great programmer. It is time to forget about changing complicated config files! You just have to follow system’s steps and use a simple interface. To be honest, the process of installing Magento is quite similar to WordPress – after a few steps you can already see a working website. However, it seems to be the only similarity between WP and Magento.

6. The united center

If you want to create a few online shops, Magento will give you all instruments. You will be able to operate all your shops from one place. It is an advantage, which is really appreciated by thousands of users.

7. Interaction with customers

The above-described CMS allows customers to write theiropinions about your goods. Moreover, there is an opportunity to switch on marks – every product can have its rate.

8. SEO

Magento is quite a good system, if we speak about SEO. “Keywords” and “Description” tags are added automatically. Site map is also created by this great CMS.

If you have just installed eBay’s CMS for online shops, you can have many questions about your next steps.Of course, the first one is about searching for Magento themes – the process of installing them is often too difficult for beginners. To work with templates you should have some FTP skills – they are necessary when you want to upload your theme’s files. All that you have to do is to place everythingin yourroot directory and activate theme using admin panel.

magento blanco theme

If you’ve chosen Magento as your website’s platform,you can test one good opportunity given by the developers – create your own Magento theme. More precisely, creating templates, using the above-named engine is simply quite easy.If you have some CSS and HTML skills, you will not have any troubles, editing your template.

Unfortunately, I have to tell about one disadvantage. Magentois badly translated into world languages. That is why some documentation files are available only in English – to use Magento you should speak English quite fluently.

As a conclusion, we would like to say that Magento is a famous platform, which really deserves its popularity. Our company’s command wishes you success in developing online shops!

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