• April 28

How to Create Twitter Widget in WooCommerce Themes?

Twitter is one of the world’s most popular social networking platforms where you can advertise your business online. In order to connect WooCommerce WordPress themes with Twitter you can install

Twitter widget to your WordPress theme can be easily installed via with the popular plugin for WP – Jetpack. This method allows you to display on your site or elected last posts of Twitter, messages from a specific list of users or messages for the search query.

Installing Jetpack plugin to your WordPress theme

There is a considerable number of plugins to work with Twitter widget to WordPress themes. For Twitter addon use the features of Jetpack – a free plugin for WordPress, which contains a number of useful modules, including a module with additional widgets. This module (Extra Sidebar Widgets) you may be interested in is contained widget Twitter Timeline.

WordPress themes

With Jetpack you can install from the official plugins directory on WordPress.org or through your administration panel in WordPress themes. To activate this plugin, you need an account on the network WordPress.com.

Connecting to WordPress.com

If you do not have an account on the network at WordPress.com (not to be confused with your account from your site WordPress), it is necessary to create it. After connecting Jetpack your account you will have access to all modules, some of which will be activated by default. Make sure that the module «Extra Sidebar Widgets» (additional widgets) is active before creating a Twitter widget in your WordPress theme.

Module with additional widgets: creating a Twitter widget

To create a new widget, sign in to your Twitter account and go to Settings → Widgets Twitter network. If you have previously created widgets for Twitter, in this section you will see a list of them. To create a new widget for your site, click on the button Create new. You will see a screen to configure a new widget to WordPress themes. Here you can select one of four types of widgets:
WordPress themes

  • Twitter wall – displays the latest posts specific user on Twitter;
  • Favorites – Displays elected posts;
  • List – displays messages for all users in a specific list of Twitter;
  • Search – displays messages on a specific search query.

After setting up your new widget, click the New button widget, and your changes will be saved. In order to use your new widget in WordPress, you will need its identifier – a unique number for each widget in Twitter network.

Configure Twitter widget in WordPress theme

After creating a new widget on Twitter network and adding it to your WordPress themes, go back to the administration panel of your WordPress site and go to Appearance → Widgets. Scroll down the list of available widgets Twitter Timeline (Twitter feed) and drag it to the sidebar.

Installation of Timeline in Twitter Widget

Note on the «Widget ID» – it is necessary to insert a unique identifier of the widget that you copied from Twitter network. Widgets have the same number of additional settings, and saving you can see it in action on your site.

It should also be noted that if the site administrator has allowed unfiltered insert the code, you can also paste the widget code given to you from Twitter in plain text widget in WordPress themes.

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