Main Methods for Speeding Up WordPress Themes

When it comes to a website, especially an eShop the faster it works the better. Nowadays speed of website pages’ loading is one of the important factors. Too slow page loading speed, ill-conceived usability, lagging WordPress themes and plugins will not lead to success. Studies show that the rate of sites on WordPress influences: conversion, usability, SEO (search engines appreciate the speed), the credibility of the website, the time spent on the site.

Let’s see how quickly and effectively it is possible to increase the speed of premium WordPress themes that we offer:

  1. Timely updates

Before you make an update, do not forget to back up your files. Upgrading WordPress, themes and plugins should be painless. Subject must bear the rendering function and no other. Update of the script, themes and plugins can increase the overall speed, since each update aims to increase productivity and correction of errors of previous versions.

  1. Use the correct template for a premium WP theme

Sometimes slow loading of the website happens due to bulky, bloated code template. This may be due to the large number of graphic inefficient code and unnecessary functions. Choose a simple theme with minimalistic design. Now many resources are engaged in the development and support of complex multi-order scheme.

Use the correct template for a premium WP theme

A chosen WordPress theme with WooCommerce plugin should reflect the style and content of your content. Plug-ins should be used strictly to add the necessary functionality. Most of the premium can be found in our portfolio. But it is better to start with a free simple fact, gradually adding the desired features and styles, with the help of plug-ins and CSS.

  1. Limiting the use of unnecessary plug-ins

In this situation, more plugins does not mean better productivity and SEO perspectives. Decide what plugins you need and regularly update them. Remove those plugins that do not work. Always remove unnecessary plugins because plugin with bad code, even if it is turned off, is a threat to security.

  1. Use cache plugins

Surely you’ve heard of such plugins. If you really want to speed up the work site on WordPress, try them. Here are two basic plug-ins, that we offer for our clients in WooCommerce themes:

    • WP Super Cache
    • W3 Total Cache.

WooCommerce themes

  1. Optimization of images

A large number of non-optimized images can slow down your site. So before you download the image must be compressed, set the correct resolution, crop if necessary. All our premium WooCommerce themes have the plugins for optimization of images and video.

WordPress platform has a direct impact on the speed of the site, that in its turn affect the future of your business and the success of online store. If you know of other ways to increase the speed of the site, you can share your thought with us. We always try to increase the speed of loading of our premium themes for WooCommerce stores.