Design Trends in WordPress Landing Page Themes

Connection with the general commercialization and development of online trading in today’s Internet special urgency purchased so-called landing page for an Internet shop. In fact, it is a web page advertising a product or service and needs to encourage visitors to take some action – buy, call or sell.
Each landing page is created corresponding to the advertising company to ensure its presence in the search results for search queries. In addition, the methods of promotion of landing pages include advertising in social networks, direct mail, advertising banners and ads. Let’s take a closer look at what makes up modern landing page. Most premium WordPress themes usually have plugins to build landing pages.

8Theme offers design trends in premium WordPress themes for landing pages:

1. Call-to-Action trend

After visiting the landing page a user must clearly understand what action (call to action) he offered to do. This can be things such as download, order, buy, test, create, subscribe or send information.

8Theme offers design trends in premium WordPress themes for landing pages

2. Clear description of product, services or activities

Particular attention is paid to simple, clear and easy to understand description of the goods, services or other advertised object or action. There are no longer phrases and sentences. There are allowed only subtle accents on beneficial properties and little explanatory details. Most WP themes have such opportunities for users.

3. One-page layout with mild scrolling

The best option providing information on the landing page is building a one-page site with a minimalistic WordPress themes, where all the necessary data are close to each other. A user does not have to move to other pages and wait for downloads, respectively. A method with a soft scrolling down will take the user to any point menu.

4. A convenient form to fill

Friendly, attractive, most importantly and generally accepted customary form to fill out to help a user to make that same effort, in fact for the sake of which was started creating design of a landing page.

5. A list of the advantages of this particular product

By these methods of persuasion may include actions such as visualization was-was before and after use, or ease of use or application, or visual advantages in comparison with its competitors, or the effect of the commission advertised actions.

6. Plenty of storage space

Virtually all-successful target page design combines boldness and presence of a large amount of free space. All logical blocks away from each other at a sufficient distance avoid any feeling of crowding and traffic.

7. Smart navigation

Sophisticated navigation in conjunction with the competent block arrangement and free space should guide the user view. For this purpose, suitable all kinds of horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines, as well as all kinds of arrows and other navigation.
8. Using icons and spectacular images
To Page looked delicious and attractively need to use good-quality images, providing an impressive impact on the visitor. Well, in the spirit of the modern trends of web design made to visualize information using all sorts of icons and signs.

8. Built-in Google Analytics

Since the purpose of landing page as a marketing tool – this urge visitors to perform certain actions, namely to achieve the highest possible conversion (i.e. the ratio of visitors to take action to the total number looked a page), the existence of Google Analytics will be an essential tool for analyzing the behavior of users. WordPress themes must have built-in Google Analytics for your landing page promotion.

9. SEO aimed layout

SEO aimed layout wordpress themes

As for SEO optimization, then here comes one of the common layouts with clever use of tags H1, titles and meta-tags. It is also important to pay attention to the speed of loading and optimization for different browsers, as well as the adaptability for mobile devices.

10. Use of professional WordPress themes for your landing page

8Theme offers a great opportunity – to buy a professional premium WooCommerce theme that will do both for eShops and landing pages. Besides we offer you a 24/7 technical support of all our themes.