• October 29

How to Display Twitch Stream Status in WordPress

Do you use Twitch? This is a platform for streaming video, is very popular among video gamers, who use it to broadcast gameplay of different games from PC, PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo consoles. Also, Twitch platform is used to play streams of events, competitions, tournaments, etc. Recently one of the users asked us how to add your

Twitch status of sites using WordPress themes:

  • The first thing you need to do is to install and activate the plugin titled as Twitch Status.
  • After activation, visit your website using WordPress templates with the advanced Settings section – Twitch Status, to set up the plugin in action.
  • Simply enter the name of your channel and enter Twitch jQuery-selectors. It can be any CSS-class or ID-attribute element in the HTML-code of your page.

Add Twitch status into sidebars of WordPress themes

Twitch Status plugin comes with a handy widget that allows you to display your status streams Twitch in the sidebar WordPress-site. Just go to Appearance – Widgets and add the widget to the sidebar Twitch Status.


Enter a title for the widget and then select where you want the button to redirect visitors – Play. You can add a link to your stream Twitch, specify any arbitrary URL-address, a link to the blog page. Do not forget to save your widget. Now you can go to the website and see the widget in action.

Add Twitch status in the navigation menu of WooCommerce themes

You can also add your status Stream Twitch in the navigation menu of the site. Visit Appearance – Menu and click on the tab with an arbitrary reference. You will need to enter the URL of your Stream to Twitch as the link text. Click on “Add to the menu”.


As a result, the menu item will be added to the right column. Now you will need to click the Screen Options (Options screen) in the upper right corner of the page. A menu appears where you need to select the CSS Classes (CSS classes).

Now go to the menu and click on it to open it and display its properties. You will need to enter .twitch or any other jQuery selector that you’ve added to the plugin settings. Finally, click “Save Menu”. That is all. Now you can visit their site and see the status of the streams Twitch in the navigation menu of any WooCommerce themes or templates using WordPress engine.

Embedding Twitch-Stream into WordPress themes

Unlike YouTube, Vimeo and other popular video streaming platforms that have built oEmbed-integration with WordPress, Twitch such integration does not have – to do this you will need to insert the Embed-code service.

Just visit your stream Twitch and click Share. As a result, a window for CS is where you can copy the code by selecting “Embed Live Player”.


Edit page or post to WordPress themes, where you want to place your stream Twitch, and then paste the code in the Embed-editor records. Click Publish or Update. Now you can visit the site and watch the stream on Twitch built into your post or page using WordPress themes. You can also promote games on your eCommerce websites using WooCommerce themes.

If you have any questions related to the use of WooCommerce templates you can discuss them on our WordPress forum with other users or chat with specialists from the Support service.

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