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How to Create an Autoblog in WordPress

Auto-posting for a WordPress theme website using special add-ons and plugins pulls information from other sources and places it on your site. Yes, remember that you copy material from another source, i.e. all that you post is copy-pasted content and search for it on the head of the system do not pat.

But for some it will be a good experiment to create satellite sites. We speak only of quality sites and when you create a similar autoblog on WooCommerce themes, then specify a reference to the source. After all, people are trying to write unique material, “elevate” the Internet’s culture, make it better. Do not lower yourself to the level of cheaters if you need an autoblog on WordPress themes just to get money fast.

What is an autoblog on WooCommerce themes?

Autoblog or automatically bulked with posts and pages blog is basically a website that without your direct control, “pull” content from other resources via the RSS feed.

Basically, such definition is associated with a dublicated content or spam blogs. Nevertheless, there are many positive and profitable scenarios when you want to use autoblogs on WooCommerce themes.


For example, autoblog can be used for news gathering in different subjects. It means that you may write useful guides for users and be supported by your site useful news from the world of IT industry (auto theme, cooking, etc.). It can be used as a corporate website (for example, a company’s website), and private personal blog. Having said all this, let’s just start creating an auto-posting website with one of our WooCommerce themes.

How to make an autoblog with one of WooCommerce themes?

  • First of all you need to install and activate the plugin called WP RSS Aggregator;
  • The basic version of the plugin is free, but for this tutorial we need to spend on additions (add-ons) from the Advanced Feeds Bundle;
  • The price of the premium plugin starts at $ 139 for a single license to a website with a WooCommerce template and for one year, including support and updates;
  • Once you have installed and activated all the amenities, just go to the RSS Aggregator -> Add New and add a new feed, from which we will take the content for our autoblog;
  • The first thing to do is to assign a name to our RSS feed, and then specify the URL;
  • The next step you need to scroll down the lower section Feed to Post. Here you need to select the type of records that will be imported from other websites using or not using WordPress themes;
  • By default the plugin will parse the entries and publish them as drafts. You can change it before publication. Do not forget to put a tick next to Force Full Content block (literally sounds like capture the entire content). Using this option will allow the plugin to copy a complete article for your blog with a WooCommerce theme;
  • Next you need to configure the section Feed to Post – Images. Thus, you enable the plugin to the processed images from another source;
  • It can automatically import images from other sources feeds and upload them to the media folder on the blog. It can also set the first image as the thumbnail for the article. You need to set the rules to match your needs;
  • Adding a new feed as the source for the imports of posts on your page has a lot of features and settings. They can vary depending on their preferences;
  • You can use keyword filtering to import or vice versa prevent ingress of content on them to your website with one of WooCommerce themes. You can also add custom content before or after the article source;
  • Once finished, do not forget to click on the Publish button (Post).

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Now you can visit the section Posts in the admin panel of your blog and you will see a new entry imported to your autoblog with one of WooCommerce themes.

Repeat the process if you want to add more feeds. Check the channel status (their status), you can by going to the section of RSS Aggregator »Feed Sources.

How to add quickly add multiple feeds in a blog with one of WooCommerce themes?

Adding one by one and setting up each feed channel to import content can become a time consuming task. Fortunately, there is a way. Here’s how you can add more channels to parse articles and blog entries to your autoblog with one of WooCommerce themes using the same settings.

First go to the Aggregator RSS »Settings and click on the Feed to Post tab. Here you can configure default settings, which will go to work for the plugin. These settings apply to all feeds that you specify in the next step.

Then you need to visit the section RSS Aggregator »Import & Export. Under the import unit you need to specify the name and URL added feeds.

Separate the name of the source URL separated by a comma and a space. Adds one feed in a row. Then you click on the button «Bulk Import» (to start the import) and watch as your site becomes ready for auto-posting.

If you have any questions about autoblogs with one of WooCommerce templates and WordPress themes, then visit our WordPress forum where users and the developers can help to solve your issues.

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