• April 13

How to Fix the 403 Forbidden Error in WordPress

Error 403 (Forbidden or access denied error) may occur on any website using one of WooCommerce themes. There are few main reasons to this error that may occur:


  • You have put on the wrong server index file. the home page of your site should be named index.shtml, index.html, index.htm, index.phtml or index.php. All characters must be in lowercase (in Unlike Windows, in Linux, running on the server, register the file name is set, and the files index.html and Index.html – are two completely different files);
  • You put the wrong right of the folder in which file is requested, or to any of its parent directories. All these directories must grant rights to perform for an owner of a website with one of WooCommerce themes or WordPress templates;
  • You have downloaded the site files to the wrong folder. Log in to your control panel in the section Hosting/Domains/My domains” and see what is written in the column Folder next to the site’s domain you are interested in. It is in this folder and you need to upload files to a website;
  • In addition, a 403 error in WooCommerce themes may occur when transferring from one domain to another. In this case, you just have to wait a bit – it takes time to update DNS cache.

The causes and solutions of Error 403 in WooCommerce themes:

  1. Users of your website can get the message Error 403 Access denied because the file of the home page (index) is incorrect. Perhaps he is missing, damaged, or it is not properly defined name. In this view the files in this directory and on all virtual hosting or the server is not allowed.

Solution: It is necessary to verify whether it is written the name of the file. It should be called index, and the extension, as a rule, can be as follows: * .shtml, * .html, * .htm, * .phtml or * .php. It is necessary that all the characters are in lowercase. The Windows registry is not important, but in Linux Index.html and index.html files are completely different.

If necessary, you can set your index file by specifying it in the configuration file or web server in the .htaccess file, see details in the article: htaccess file – configuration and usage examples.

  1. It is possible that the folder in which the file is requested, or page, the rights are set correctly. In the event that exhibited such permissions on the file, which limit the Apache and simply not the web server gives him to read the file in one of WooCommerce themes.

Solution: In all of the folders and files hosted on the server exhibited certain rights that allow one or another group of users to perform certain actions on them. If the folder or file is displayed, such rights are not given access to view the response code can be issued 403. As a general rule for the normal operation is enough to put the right folder 755, and 644 files.


Change can done be right in using the file manager installed on hosting or use in FTP-client, which you upload files to the server. For more information about access rights, see the article: CHMOD Permissions – what is it and how they can be assigned.

  1. It is possible that the file or the page requested by the user, is in not in the same folder where it is needed. This is possible if you have downloaded the site files in one folder, and the path to specify different.

Solution: It is necessary to check whether correct the path to inaccessible pages in the site links. Check if the files are located on a hosting site. As a rule, they must be in public_html folder. By the way, this is true, not all providers, so it is best to check with her, where it should be based on the files of the site. Typically, this information is specified in the documentation, located on the ISP’s website using one of WordPress themes.

  1. Sometimes, when moving from one site to another hosting site or transfer from one account to another in the DNS-cache within the same host does not have time to upgrade, and here’s the error occurs in WooCommerce themes.

Solution: It is necessary to wait a bit. This operation takes a few hours and in some cases extends for a day.

  1. When accessing the directory, view the contents of which is prohibited in the server’s configuration file or .htaccess file.

Solution: Open access to view the content of your site to directories is safe, but if you need it, you can do so by adding a separate line in the .htaccess file as follows: Options + Indexes in WooCommerce themes.

In a case you want to fix Error 403 in your WordPress template or a WooCommerce theme, please appeal to our forum where people chat.

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