• August 11

How to Allow Authors to Chat in WordPress Themes?

Any good WordPress theme is often used to create all sorts of communities or online media, where publications can be placed several people. On the one hand in no big deal, WordPress engine provides lots of useful chips to these problems, but there are certain nuances that we have today and we’ll talk about allowing authors to chat directly from WordPress admin panel.

Creating a “team” blog for all WordPress authors

If you want to have your team of authors felt as a close team, then they all need a place where they could gather and socialize at work, whether discussion of publications of the project, etc. Most often, it turns out that all of the authors are in different parts of the world and bring them physically impossible. With the help of the “team’s” general blog will be able to communicate and discuss something.

The author suggests using a special P2 theme as your usual WordPress theme that helps to get a cross between the classic blog and chat. It makes sense to install this theme on a subdomain, for example, team.yoursite.com so that all team members are able to use it.


In addition to this particular WordPress theme, you can use plugins and Subscribe to Comments to receive notifications of new posts in the email. In addition, you can add a sidebar list of useful links and a list of sponsors of the draft. Of course not required to use this theme or create a mini-blog on a subdomain, the key feature is to make a place where all members of the group could communicate. You can use services for collaboration or special applications – depending on what you like.

WordPress theme’s opportunities for authors and editors

Here much depends on your needs. For example, when the owner of the project is closely related enough to publications and can check every letter before placing articles. In this case, WordPress authors should be the distance only the possibility of writing articles without posting, etc. This can be done in several ways, but the best way to see Members plugins that can be implemented into any WordPress theme.


You can simply remove the possibility of posting the authors also make a more complex configuration of roles – the decision is yours. But it is you need to make sure that each team member understands what is expected and what kind of options (right) when working with a blog it has.

Edit Flow plugin for improving WordPress authors

Just over a month ago, a new version of Edit Flow plugin which makes it even more convenient to work with multiple authors. In particular, it may be noted drag and drop drag and drop records in a calendar interface.

If you talk briefly, then Edit Flow turns your WordPress control panel into a kind of editorial administration of a newspaper. Also, together with the above-mentioned calendar, this module adds more statuses for the posts (not just a draft, published), the author gives an opportunity to discuss publications, and are alert to the authors and editors at the changes in their ranks as WordPress authors.


No matter how you will be able to implement this plugin – through Google Apps or the creation of additional boxes on hosting of WordPress theme, but all corporate email services are considered as an indicator of professionalism in some degree.

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