• October 26

How to Add YouTube Analytics to Your WordPress Dashboard?

YouTube service provides analytics to evaluate the functionality of yours YT channel. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you should get those analytics for yours channel right within WordPress themes?  Further you will know how to add YouTube’s analytics to yours WordPress template admin panel.

The primary thing you have to make is to set up and make activated the YouTube Analytics admin panel tool. Upon vivication, easily go to WordPress admin panel and go down to notice a new YouTube Analytics admin panel with the widget attachment.

How to add YouTube analytics to WordPress themes?

You’ll have to provide tool the approval to obtain yours YouTube customer’s account. To make that it is, you have to press on the Get obtain coding URL in the widget attachment. It’ll transfer you to yours Google customer’s account and you’ll be asked to provide approvals.


Easily press on the accept push button, and you’ll notice yours access coding.

Instantly you have to reproduct and attach such coding in yours YouTube service analytics into the admin panel widget attachment of any WordPress theme and press the saving obtain coding push button. The tool will instantly get yours YouTube analytics files, and you’ll notice yours stats in widget attachment like such:

  • To arrange the tool features you have to come to features –YouTube Analytics.
  • The primary setting in the tool features is to apply yours own API application credentials. Further that it is there’re 2 push buttons to obvious access and to obvious cache.
  • Obvious access will delete the YouTube access coding you included earlier and cleaning the cache will delete the files the tool loaded earlier.
  • The following setting is to pick up the customer roles permitted to notice the YouTube service stats. The initial setting is administrators nevertheless you can change that it is if you have to allot yours channel’s analytics with any others customers on yours website.
  • For stats like engagement and comments functionality, you have to check the box under attachment stats.

The tool likewise allows you to pick up a CSS WordPress template for the stats widget attachment and time duration for the cache. At once you are finished setting up; press on the saving changes push button to keep yours features.


That it is all, we have hopes such article assisted you add YouTube service analytics to yours admin panel of WordPress themes. You may likewise want to adjudge such meaningful YouTube service recommendations to spice up yours WordPress template with video clips.

Should you include YouTube Analytics to yours WooCommerce themes?

YouTube video hosting service is one of the most dominant video clips websites online – that is why you may need its channel and analytics on your site with WooCommerce themes that allow you selling any products or services online. They provide a great opportunity for commerce websites and personal blogs to achieve more traffic, backlinks and many of exposure. If you apply YouTube service at all, you should add YouTube Analytics to yours WordPress website.

The primary step is to download, set up and makes activated Analytics of YouTube as any WooCommerce theme with admin panel tool. Such tool allows you to apply YouTube service analytics and evaluate the functionality of yours YouTube service channel in WooCommerce themes. At once the tool is set up, you can obtain it by going to Features –YouTube Analytics features.

Within the features, you can select the “use your own API application credentials” setting to get the necessary form for authorizing the application.

You’ll have to enter the proper information to URL the application to yours YouTube’s Channel. Such allows YouTube service to talk to yours website and help you follow yours functionality.

Upon you’ve included yours API Key, Client ID and Secret, you’ll be capable to URL yours YouTube page to yours website with WooCommerce templates. Instantly, you can get a coding to add into YT Analytics admin panel widget attachment.


If you’ve any issues with feature up everything, you can use the video clips Tutorial to help you get everything set up.

You’ll have many of settings you can customize at once you’ve the tool set up properly. You’ll be capable to apply a CSS theme, change customer roles and many others customizations.

There will likewise be a setting for “obvious access”. If you press on such push button, you’ll delete the YouTube access coding you entered earlier.

The tool will help you follow yours YouTube page and notice the functionality. Such might be a very dominant way to give guarantee you get the best out of yours WooCommerce themes and yours YouTube page.

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