• March 14

How to Auto-Schedule Your WordPress Blog Posts

The default function that allows you to schedule the publication of posts in WordPress themes. But I often notice that the site owners forget about this useful feature. Is not it wonderful that in any WordPress theme it is available auto publication of posts according to the in-voice schedule? Further, this function will be explained.

Why do you need an automatic schedule of posts in WooCommerce themes?

Most bloggers using WooCommerce themes are planning to publish entries at a particular time/date, but all of us are imperfect and not with iron discipline, so sometimes forget, skip and publish records on a day or two (and some more) later. One way you need to get rid of this problem – is to use an editorial calendar that reminds you should post this or that record.


Edit Flow plugin for the automatic schedule in WooCommerce templates is one of the best calendar plugins. Agree, would not it be great to establish a system that would automatically planned to be your publication record? For example, for this purpose may come services such as Buffer and HootSuite, which allow you to work simultaneously with several social media.

Publish to Schedule plugin for automatic schedule of posts in WordPress themes

The first thing you will of course need to do – is to install and activate the plugin Publish to Schedule. To set it up, after activating the plugin, go to Settings »Publish to Schedule.


In the window next to the days of the week put down the number of records that are to be published these days. Put “0” if some day you do not plan to publish the records.

Thereafter, the time intervals when your site should appear recording. By default, the schedule consists of 24 hours, but you can change it according to their needs.

How to use this plugin for postponed automatic schedule for posts:
  • Create a new account or go to the existing draft, you’ll notice some changes at the end of metaboxes Publish;
  • The first thing that caught my eye – instead of clicking Publish, you will have Pub. to Schedule (published in accordance with the schedule);
  • If you click Show all information, you will see the scheduled date and time of the publication of the recording.

Also in default WordPress themes  there is the function of planning and automated publishing posts. Quite simply you write a post, make out as usual, but instead press the Publish button, first select the required date in the future tense. Very convenient for frequently updated resources, the administrator can write a 7 posts and schedule them consistent publication for the week ahead, leave to rest for a week on vacation not bothered to update their site. Everything works quite simple, difficulties arise when we want to use the Scheduled Posts are not for its intended purpose.

Most bloggers use this function not only to dump at sea for a week and forget about updating the site, but also to intrigue users. To do this, derive a list of future posts: title of the article and the date of its release. But this list of upcoming publications – this is just a list of inactive headings.

If you have any questions left about this option in WordPress themes or WooCommerce templates, then please consider using out forum or the Tech Support of 8Theme.

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