• April 29

Why my WordPress site got de-indexed from Google? What can I do to fix it?

This is the question that many new users of WooCommerce themes ask themselves when they notice that there is no use of their SEO strategy and their websites are even got de-indexed from Google search engine. There are few reasons and solutions you can apply to fix this annoying SEO problem.

This is – the most important problem of our time SEO. Google should make your site indexed, and only then, you can get organic traffic from Google. If the site is not indexed, you lost, no one will ever find you in search.

Reasons leading to Google’s de-indexation of WordPress theme sites

The first step to resolve the issue – the analysis of the reasons for the lack of a site in the index. List the reasons described below, will help solve problems with indexing site.

  1. The site is included in the index with WWW or without WWW

Technically WWW – is a subdomain of your website using one of WordPress themes. Thus, www.yoursite.com and yoursite.com – it’s not the same thing. Make sure that you add both options to tools for webmasters Google. Be sure to include the main mirror of your website.

  1. Google finds pages on your website

This is a common problem of new sites using free WordPress themes. To make the robot search engine has indexed all the pages on your site, you need to wait. The most common problem – the lack of sitemap.xml sitemap.

  1. Your website is blocked in robots.txt

Another common problem – your developer or editor blocked the site using robots.txt. This problem is easily solved, create a new robots.txt file and the problem will be solved.


  1. There is a large number of duplicate content on the site

Too much duplicated content can bring sanctions search engines to your website. As a result of the sanctions site can be removed from the indexing. To correct this problem, configure a 301 redirect from the pages with duplicate content on the main page of your site.

  1. You have enabled privacy settings on your website with one of WordPress templates

This problem manifests itself in the site owners by WordPress. Disconnect private mode Admin → Settings → Privacy to check.

  1. Website blocked .htaccess file

.htaccess file settings may limit access to content of the site’s robots. Check the website or contact the hosting owner.

  1. In the code of the site there are meta tags NOINDEX

Often webmasters hide the site from being indexed in the process of developing NOINDEX tags, and then forget to fix it. In the code, this might look like: <META NAME = “ROBOTS” CONTENT = “NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW”>

This problem occurs both inexperienced developers and large companies. 8Theme company has had the experience to identify this problem at the time of the audit site of a large company, the market leader.

  1. You have a problem with AJAX /JavaScript

Google does index the JavaScript and AJAX, but these languages ​​are not so easy to be indexed as an HTML template. If webpages are generated by JavaScript or AJAX, they are not indexed by search engines.

  1. Your website is very long time to load

Google does not like it when websites with WordPress themes load too much. Optimize the code of your site’s WordPress template for better indexing.

  1. Problems with hosting

Check the availability of your site, very often due to regular falls on the site hosting fault, Google does not index the page.

  1. Your site has been banned

This is the most terrible reason- a nightmare for any webmaster. There are many reasons to get the approval by the search engines like Google. Among the most common reasons for banning the website’s with WordPress themes are:

  • Non-unique “stolen” content;
  • Suspicion of the use of purchased links;
  • Wrapping behavioral factors;
  • The use of affiliate sites for SEO promotion.


“Black” optimization methods can ruin the reputation of the website for search engines, so don’t use theme.

Indexing by Google is the cornerstone of a good SEO strategy. If your website or certain pages of your site using one of WordPress or WooCommerce themes is not indexed, you need to find out why.

If your website with one of our WooCommerce themes or WordPress templates does not appear in the search engines, you just have to run advertising context campaigns that our specialists can help to provide. We also help to build a solid SEO strategy for any of websites using one of our premium WordPress themes.

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