• April 17

Crossposting on Google+ With Jetpack Plugin for WordPress

WordPress wouldn’t be the best CMS platform without the multiple functional add-ons- plugins. Practically all our free and premium WordPress themes use different plugins. We recommend using plugins that can help to make posting on your site easier, make your site more recognizable and easy to use.

What is Jetpack plugin for WordPress themes?

Jetpack is basically a set of plugins, widgets, and services from WordPress.com that can be installed to most premium WordPress themes. It provides a standalone-sites set of features previously available only to users place on the WordPress.com. It adds to your site some common capabilities with an easy-to-use and familiar interface. Jetpack plugin was introduced less than two years ago and has been downloaded nearly 3 million times, and recently released the second version of Jetpack made a considerable stir among the WordPress users.

Sharing in social networks – Google +, Facebook and Twitter

Almost every WordPress website or blog now has some way to distribute content to a large number of social media. Social media has become widespread, and the buttons to “share” is very popular. Jetpack provides a great way to add these buttons to your posts, pages or custom post type with a simple-to-use settings page.

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You can easily configure which services you want to include and how you want to display a button. You can also add your services if you do not find them in a large list of available. You can set up to choose to official buttons to your WordPress theme, but there are several other options to choose.

Statistics – Cloud Stats in Jetpack

From the analysis of opportunities Jetpack, we will begin with statistics WordPress.com. Previously available as a separate plug-in statistics included in the Jetpack, provides a simple way of getting popular metrics in a simple and intuitive interface. In addition, although it does not give all the details that you get using something like Google Analytics; it gives an excellent overview and understanding of the statistics of your site. It also allows you to view statistics directly from your console in WordPress themes. If you have many sites, you can also get access to the statistics of all your websites through the console account WordPress.com.

As expected of any solution to track visitors, you can see how many views to get your website, statistics on the geography of visitors, traffic sources to your site. You can also view your most popular posts and pages for a specific period, key words and phrases that visitors used to find your site. A good opportunity in the statistics (which you do not get the right metrics like Google Analytics) – is tracking links. Any clicking on the links on your site will be counted.

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Although WordPress.com stats and will not replace Google Analytics to me and most people serious about performance of your site – it gives a good comparative tracking method. Besides, it is convenient to see a summary of all service via the admin panel of WordPress themes. You can check how many posts have been responded or shared via your Google + social network. This is a great chance to understand your audience, to get your users what they actually like and want.

Jetpack Comments

When it comes to your blog or community site, comments may be a key way to interact with the audience. WordPress works well with commentary, and there is plenty of plug-ins in order to make them better for you and your users. In my opinion, you really need two things: Akismet (very cheap or free, depending on the site) in order to deal with spam and Jetpack Comments.

Jetpack Comments no comments selects your site completely as Disqus, but simply improves, mainly for your users. It allows users to post comments Authorize accounts through Twitter, Facebook or WordPress.com. In addition, if you have included comments from guests, they still will be able to post comments as a guest. This saves time for your users; they do not need to create a new account and profile to comment on the single item.

You can also use the subscription to Jetpack plugin, to be closer to your users who post comments. Any updates or recording a new record will be mailed to the user (depending on settings). However, as long as the subscription Jetpack have problems. You cannot customize the appearance of the letter, sent to subscribers, and although your subscribers can be transferred administrators from one site to another through WordPress.com (if both sites use the Jetpack), you cannot export their own you cannot even see blocked ones.

Spellcheck in Jetpack

Former plugin After the Deadline for WordPress – plugin Proofing editor TinyMCE, rose to a new level. It uses the service After the Deadline from Automattic to test your content. It uses artificial intelligence and language processing technology to find grammatical and spelling errors and propose options. In your profile you can customize it to fit your needs and say what rules to follow, you also have the option to enable verification of real-time update or save the record.

Implementation of your WordPress theme to mobile platforms

It’s not something that I personally used for adaptive design, but the idea is simple. Activate this feature and you get a basic mobile theme. The design is based on the core themes WordPress, Twenty Eleven. It supports the same theme settings that big brother – Twenty Eleven, allowing you to set the image header, the background image and color. It is very convenient to get a mobile WordPress theme for your site with Jetpack plugin.

Jetpack helps a lot to a user of premium WordPress themes. The best feature of this plugin is the ability to share your new posts or goods with Google + audience. Use Jetpack with one of our premium WordPress themes.

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