7 Free WordPress Admin Themes and Plugins

WordPress platform can offer multiple features for admin panel and management of administration through the engine. 8Theme offers not just plugins for professional admin management but also premium and free WordPress themes and plugins.

Why do you need professional and free admin plugins for your WordPress themes?

One significant advantage of using WordPress is a large number of additional plugins enabling a significant expansion of the functional management of Internet sites. WordPress user gets ample opportunities for the optimal configuration and management of their resources. In this article we will talk about the various plugins for WordPress, which are most popular among website owners.

The best plugins for admin work at WordPress platform:

  1. WordPress Backup

Plugins for free and premium WordPress themes allow you to administer an optimal way to control the operation of the site. For example, there is a special plugin titled as WordPress Backup, which is designed for data backup. Using this tool will allow you to create backup copies of your site, enabling simplified rollback after the work done properly.


  1. Akismet

Quite often, owners of Internet resources are faced with the problem of spam. Using a special plugin Akismet will allow you to customize an effective spam filter that will filter unwanted messages from the users of the resource. This tool allows you to select or vds/vps hosting.

  1. Redirection

If you need to move your WordPress themes to a new engine we recommend using plugin Redirection, which allows easily performing the indexing of pages at the new address. Functional Site using this plugin will be completely saved.

  1. Sabre

Most popular received various plugins to enhance security using any WordPress theme. For example, you can use the plugin Sabre, which is easily embedded in WordPress and allows you to protect your site from performing automated registrations on your website. Many owners of Internet resources are faced with the registration of a large number of bots and their subsequent sending spam. If in the past to protect the web site of these boats had to manually, but today it is possible to use automated tools.

  1. Anti-XSS Attack

In some cases, you may need to protect your WordPress themes from DOS attacks. In this case, we can recommend you to use Anti-XSS Attack. Of course, you must understand that your life completely protects against hacking and DoS attacks such protection is simply not able to. They only increase the overall level of security and prevent a site from simple attacks.

  1. Adminimize

Adminimize plugin can restore order in the admin area of ​​your blog. The plugin allows you to remove different elements for different user roles.


It is comfortable, when the creators of the blog there who write for the coin positions. You can limit all the way not to spoil your WordPress themes.

  1. Emu2

Emu2 (Email Users 2) is the plugin that allows you to send e-mail to registered users. It may be useful if you have a blog in order to write down a lot of people and they have to send some message without leaving your admin. In addition, the own registered users can send each other e-mail. You can also send letters to a group of users.

  1. WP Maintenance Mode

This plugin is used for the creation of the website page stub, which provides to users that the site is temporarily unavailable. It is very comfortable to show a page when WordPress is on the upgrade, or perform other technical improvements.

  1. Article Directory

This plugin will make a structured catalog of articles on your WordPress blog. At least a page (and the main one, as well) can derive a structured list of headings, which simply can be customized using CSS in any free WordPress themes.


  1. WordPress Admin Quick Menu

It is a good plugin that will help to make your own menu frisky relevant links in the admin panel of your WordPress.

You can use these free admin plugins in any WordPress themes from 8Theme list. We can also help you to install and set up these and/or other plugins on your WordPress site’s platform.

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