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How to Create a Recent Comments Page in Woocommerce themes

Showing recent comments in your blog using one of Woocommerces themes is a task that is not too complicated. First, you can use the standard widget in WordPress template which displays a specified number of comments + block header. For everyone who can’t code manually the best option is WP-RecentComments plugin that can be integrated into any WordPress themes.

Woocommerces themes: WP-RecentComments plugin

The main and only task plugin WP-RecentComments for Woocommerces themes display recent comments in the sidebar of your blog. You can specify the number of comments, the maximum length of the recording, divide trackbacks to display user avatars. It also supports splitting the comments on the page using AJAX technology. And the most pleasant thing that all this functionality is fully implemented in the most accessible for admin and user without knowledge of PHP or something else.
The plugin can be found on the official WordPress website here. Installation, in principle, is trivial – download the archive, unpack, upload to FTP to /wp-content/plugins/. Then activate it in your Woocommerces themes, then you can go to the same menu section for setting options.

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Here you can choose different settings for the plugin – working principle (JavaScript, jQuery), the use of CSS, the number of comments and the like will be displayed recording element (avatars, alignment of text). Settings really enough for any occasions. In order to change something in the last block comments to the customer need only tweak these options.

To display recent comments in the blog there are 2 options. Firstly, you can go to sidebar.php template file and deploy a special code.

The second way is to add a special widget on the appropriate page. It is called WP-RecentComments with different parameters. All the main display element specified in the settings.

Generally WP-RecentComments plugin with recent comments widget – a very cool thing. This is a very comfortable, very easy and affordable, personally you would put him in the future on all developed custom blogs in Woocommerces themes.

Recent Comments plugin for woocommerce themes

Basically Decent Comments is a widget to display the list of comments. In the standard set there like WordPress widget, but he is rich in settings – it allows you to display only the last comment. B the Most main disadvantage of the standard widget – it is in any case leaves open the link to the site of the commentator. In consequence of this the site appears completely unnecessary “draft”.

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Settings of Decent Comments plugin
  • Title of the post and a comment;
  • Number of comments to display in the widget in WooCommerce template;
  • The parameter by which to sort comments in the widget (Date, author an email, URL of the author, commentator karma, the content of the comment, the title of the post);
  • The sort order (descending or ascending comments that were added recently);
  • Post comments which display in the widget. The posts can be determined by ID, title of the recording or special parameter [current], which designates the current record. If the field is left blank, then the withdrawal of all comments are taken from all the entries in a blog with a WooCommerce theme;
  • Show whether an excerpt of a comment;
  • Number of words in the excerpt (by default, shows the entire comment);
  • The character that appears at the end of exposure, if it is shorter than the original comment;
  • Filtering comments from certain headings/tags or any other custom taxonomies. Select one of the shortcuts and the list of taxonomies from it.

After using this plugin for WooCommerce theme you will be able to watch the list of comments with a certain way, and sort order. And each comment can include an avatar, author with reference to a site link and write the title to which the comment is made, the shutter speed or the full text of the comment – quite a lot of room for imagination.

With any questions left about showing the recent comments in WooCommerce temes, visit our online store –https://www.8theme.com/wordpress-templates/

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