• February 6

Multiple Features of Flexslider for WP Themes

Flexslider is a popular slider for WordPress platform that is also known as the carousel of images. Sliders like Flexslider are commonly used in many modern websites because they add the effect of several images listing, seamlessly replacing one another. There are lots of scripts and plugins for different CMS, allowing creating a slideshow of images and photos, even ready for the use by the inexperienced WP users.

However, before installing Flexslider on the website think carefully about whether or not to do it since not all sliders are good for all WP themes. You may need a professional consultation to choose the best WP theme to match Flexslider to get a design that will work smoothly on any device and PC monitor without cutting the edges and quickly loading the images from a slideshow.

Reasons to choose Flexslider for your WP theme:

1. The premium slider can easily attract more attention to your site’s content

The content of the slider is constantly changing design element that makes it easy to draw attention to a particular content site. Human psychology is also constantly changing via dynamic elements attract the most attention. Thus, the slider – this is the perfect way to attract attention to something. For example, owners of online shops can use the slider to alert you to the current promotions and discounts, or the new goods receipt.

2. Flexslider is a space-saving tool

Flexslider is a space-saving tool

Flexslider includes images and text, saves a lot of space on the page. Experienced SEO-optimizers can use a slide show to lift up the most important content, which is determined by the search bots as the most significant.

3. Fast page loading space

A regular slideshow of photos have long ceased to be a novelty in the field of web design. Easy to install plugins called as sliders with diverse animated effects work greatly on all WordPress versions. It is easy to surprise visitors with “cheap” slideshow and .

4. Weight gain was reduced to minimum for Flexslider

To occupy less space and squeeze your slider to the “busy” shell of your WP site you need to apply Flexslider that was highly optimized to work even in the very limited space conditions.

The most common features of Flexslider

The most common features of Flexslider

Flexslider includes several large images and JavaScript, may lead to that page load become much slower. This will lead to the fact that users with slow Internet connection will often leave the site without waiting for a full load, and search engines may rank as slow-loading pages slightly worse. Flexslider fixes this problem easily – it increases page loading speed without losing any of its multiple features.  Flexslider doesn’t look like a glued porridge to your Wp theem – it is ahighly functioning and fully customizable component that will add vivid and nice-working slideshow and other image effects to your blog on WP theme. To the multiple features of Flexslider and its advantages can be referred:

    • An ability to download to it for free legally;
    • The touch-screen support;
    • All necessary tools for creating a multifunctional slideshow of any complexity level;
    • The opportunity to choose vertical and horizontal movement of a slide (image);
    • It has a great semantic markup;
    • There is no a sudden disappearance of animation if you change plugins or update your WP platform. Flexslider is a very responsive WP slider for many reasons.

To cut the long story short, Flexslider for WordPress themes can easily replace any other slider since it is very responsive, occupies a little space, compatible with any monitor and mobile device’s screen, capable to deliver the greatest showroom or slideshow of your eCommerce site. Choose this highly customizable slider to improve your WP template for better!

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