• September 23

12 Plugins and Tips to Improve WordPress Admin Area

As WordPress admin you are constantly in the admin panel to which you must be very accustomed to constantly publishing new articles, but everyone has their own preferences. That is why you may need to improve a WordPress admin area of your WooCommerce themes.

The best admin area plugins for WooCommerce themes

  1. Admin Menu Editor

This plugin allows you to rename menu items, and allows you to move them. The more extensive list of its features:

  • Edit menu – the name change, the access rights associated icons, etc.;
  • Drag and drop menu items;
  • Copy and paste elements from other submenus;
  • Hide the menu;
  • Create the custom menu.
  1. Admin Menu


This is a convenient plugin designed especially for WooCommerce themes to display the more important links in the top part of the administrator of your site.

  1. Admin Menu Tree Page View

With this plugin you can see all of your pages in a tree pages. It is especially well suited for sites with lots of pages. Just adding pages is provided by a wood and the search for them.

  1. Notifications for Collapsed Admin Menu

If you like to use the hide menu, then this plugin is for you. Despite the fact that the collapsed menu you get more space, but it is not possible to see your notifications, such as – a new comment plugin updates, themes, etc. There are collapsed highlights of the corresponding icon when you have a new a notice in one of the sections.

  1. Post and Page Counter for Admin Menu

This plugin allows you to see the number of messages or show the number of pages is at certain stages (that are published, scheduled, etc.). It will be useful if you frequently use WooCommerce themes and templates as an editor and you browse the texts written by other users.

The best admin area plugins for WordPress templates

  1. Ultimate Admin Bar

The toll allows you to display your admin menu above in any WordPress template. This menu on the left will disappear naturally. First of all it will give more space on the screen and as you scroll down the page of your admin bar will always be at the top. The new versions of the system and there is a menu at the top and the side, it is unclear why so much space to allocate for it, better to leave some one option.

  1. Admin-Colour

With this plugin, you can change the color of the menu items – Liven up your menu. It looks very nice, although, in principle, the color selection may be used for certain tasks – for example, ask the green to the users of those items that they can use, and red only for administrators.

  1. Blogify Posts Menu

This is the plugin that some users might come in handy. There are sometimes customers who ask, “where’s my blog”? This plugin changes the “Post” on the “Blog”.

  1. Remove Tools Menu


Delete from the menu “Tools” you can use the code in addition Function.php, but if you do not want to tire myself, just put the plugin, activate it and you’re done.

  1. Post Status Menu Items

This plugin adds an additional button in the “Entries” such as drafts, published record, for me it is very convenient. This allows you to quickly navigate to the desired types of blog posts.

In addition to all these described plugins you can try to use for your WooCommerce themes such admin area plugins as Hide Unnecessary Items from Admin Area (the title explains it all) and Limit Dashboard Access in WordPress (to choose what users will have an access to the admin area of your website).

If you have any questions left, use our support system to ask the professional WooCommerce template developers or interact with other users on our forum.

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