• April 20

New Admin Color Scheme for WordPress

Since the launch of WordPress 3.8 developers have given users a completely new design of the administrative panel. WordPress themes with new design became more adaptive, modern and beautiful. However, many users do not like the dark color scheme that was installed in WordPress admin panel by default.

And, if you are not a fan of dark tones, then you’re lucky, if not – you may need few tips how to change admin color in WordPress admin panel. FYI, most 8theme premium WordPress themes come with plugins making it easier to change color scheme in admin panel.
By default in WordPress admin panel, there are eight different color schemes for the admin. In this article, we will show you how to change the color of the administrative panel in WordPress 3.8 version. We also tell you how you can add even more color to the updated version of WordPress theme.

Now, if you want to change the default color scheme to another, then just go to the Members’ Your profile in the admin area of your site. There you will see all eight different colors for decoration of your admin panel.

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If you want to add more color to the admin, then you need to install and activate the plugin Admin Color Schemes. After activating the plugin, just go to the Members — Your profile where you will find 8 more additional color layouts to choose from for your WordPress theme.
Change the color scheme in WordPress admin panel with plugins

Boring and gray WordPress admin panel you tired? In fact, you can now paint the admin panel in any color of the rainbow and make it much more pleasant to the eye and fun to use. Here are 10 free plugins that quickly and easily make your WordPress administration panel is much more beautiful.

1. Admin Color Schemes

In WordPress, there are eight different color schemes for the admin panel. But with the help of the plug-Admin Color Schemes you can add eight more circuits, each of which is designed for professionals in a professional designer.

2. Admin Color Schemer

Plugin Admin Color Schemer will be convenient and fast way to set and view different color schemes for your website, and it does not need to write a single line of code or deal in programming. The structure of the plugin includes about 30 different settings, including the ability to customize the background, setting links, control background color menu, the choice of colors for the forms and menus, setting buttons and much more.

3. Grey Admin Color Schemes

Plugin Grey Admin Color Schemes offers four schemes in shades of gray, including the classic combination of colors for fans of minimalism. And of course, there are also modern motifs.

4. WP Admin Classic

WP Admin Classic disables the new color scheme and returns your admin panel in its classical form. I do not know who might come in handy this plugin, but if you happen to like the good old kind of WordPress, you can try this tool in their work.

5. Color Schemes Roulette

Color Schemes Roulette – funny plugin that changes the theme admin panel every time you publish a new post on your blog. For the most creative is a small piece of advice: try to integrate this plugin and Admin Color Schemes.


6. WP Admin Classic Colors

WP Admin Classic Colors is a special plugin for adding a new color scheme in your WordPress. Also it can be used to include visual separator between the blocks menus and menu items.+

7. Default Admin Color Scheme

Default Admin Color Scheme allows you to configure the default color palette for new and existing users in the setup menu of the site. You can also disable the choice of setting the color schemes on the user profile page.
These and other premium plugins can be installed by your desire into one of our premium WordPress themes. If you have any difficulties with changing color scheme in your WP admin panel, feel free to ask us about installation of specific plugins to your WordPress theme.

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