• April 25

How to Integrate Your WordPress Site with Telegram

Telegram is a quickly gaining popularity service, as well as transformed into a social network, especially after the channel function. Their big advantage is an instant notification of new content’s subscribers.

If you have a popular website with one of our WooCommerce themes – it makes sense to configure the integration between Telegram and WordPress templates. Luckily, you can install an free plugin, spending 10 minutes of your time.

Autoposting of Telegram in WooCommerce themes

We will need to install the plugin Telegram for WP in one of WooCommerce templates. It can be installed, by clicking the button below to download the archive and upload it to a website or in the admin panel, with the help of search plugins. These are your steps to follow:


  • Install the plugin, activate. In the administrative panel, a new item – “TWP Settings”. Click on it to go to the plugin settings;
  • To use the plugin you need to get a token. Open Telegram and search-bot by nick notifcaster_bot;
  • Getting to “Communicate” with the bot. Writing / start, thus we will register and obtain a token;
  • Take the token and paste it into the appropriate field on the plugin settings page. Once we press the button “Send now!” and check if everything is working in your WooCommerce themes;
  • If everything works – save the settings (button at the bottom of the page). Now set up the posting in the Telegram-channel all new records. To do this, you need to create an RSS feed for your website with one of WooCommerce themes (if you have not created) and a separate bot, which will deal with the publication of the feedback from Telegram on your blog/website with a WordPress template;
  • To create an autoposting bot between Telegram and WordPress themes simply add contact botfather and send him a command/newbot. You will be asked for the name of the bot, then the desired username. After answering the questions bot will be created, which will be engaged in the publication of recent entries in the channel.

It remains to complete the plugin settings. Open them, go to the tab “Post to Channel” and “Bot Token” introduce a new token is obtained by creating a bot, and “Channel Username” enter the channel login (always with @). Save the changes. To verify the plugin settings, click “Send now!”

Setting up the posting process between Telegram and WooCommerce themes

The plugin is quite flexible. On the page of the plug-in and edit any entry in WordPress will be the section “Message Pattern”. This is the template for publishing messages to the channel. It supports a variety of variables ({title}, {author}, and others), insert emoticons Emoji.


This plugin allows to do such things with Telegram thumbnails showed on your WordPress theme website:

  • Do not send featured image – do not attach a thumbnail;
  • Send featured image – attach the miniature;
  • Send custom image – attach another picture.

In a case you want to integrate WordPress template or a WooCommerce theme with your Telegram account use this tip or go to our forum where users can help solving your problem.

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