• April 30

9 Powerful Tips for Using Facebook To Boost Your WordPress themes

WordPress themes always provide you with a beautiful design, well structure and lots of amazing features for professional blogging, but so far as any product WordPress themes need its own marketing. There is no need to reinvent the wheel while you can use such a giant of communication as social networks for instance Facebook for promotion WordPress themes. It doesn’t have to be a main way for marketing even more I would not recommend you to depend completely on FB but I’m pretty sure Facebook is able just to boost your WordPress themes as a part of your marketing strategy.

Facebook can be considered as huge dream market with capacity of 1,5 billion clients all over the world and 699 million of them visit that market every day spending there more than 15 hours on Facebook per month.

In this article I will give you some tips how to use Facebook in order to boost your WordPress Themes there.

1. Simple rule but still works – content! Right one!

Be careful with content here as it differs from ordinary blog. Do not chase quantity of words; if you write a lot, I doubt that even half of your fans would read it. Don’t count on patience of your followers. All your posts have to be short. Facebook users are fans of catchy, visually attractive and action driving posts that are created in a fan and modern way. At the same time you have to show that you are aware of WordPress Themes in every single detail. Don’t be scared to demonstrate your knowledge. Your followers are expecting some useful and catchy information from your updates.

WordPress themes

From other side don’t be obsessed with your own WordPress Themes, be open minded and share links and blog posts sometimes from other websites that your fans may like and find useful. Follow rule with 80% of general useful information on the topic and only 20% particularly about your WordPress Themes.

Your page has to show main idea and it has to appeal attention of the possible followers.

2. Optimize your WordPress site with WordPress Themes for Facebook Engagement

There are different ways to do that as offering sign up through Facebook, visible social media sharing widgets. More FB engagement (Likes, Comments, Shares) better for your site. Furthermore add the Facebook comments widget to your WordPress Themes in way when the user comments are visible on their FB profiles.

You may consider it simple but sometimes you just forget that recommendations and it causes fail in promotion via FB.

3. Engaging or catchy descriptions

Every single WordPress Theme has to be followed with engaging short description and share it on FB. Simple link share? No and No. Use such words in your catchy comments as How, Why, World, Most, Big, Health, Bill, Says and Best.

It would be just great if it’s also action oriented and send a clear call to action. Facebook introduced new option called the “Add Call to Action”. Always use it with your link shares and status updates.

4. Entertaining is a key

Tell me who doesn’t like to be entertained? The same works in FB. If you make some quiz about WordPress Theme or something related to WP from time to time (for example once a week) or just ask questions for Feedback (Like of Yes) or some competition with prize for a winner. Such fun can boost your engagement a lot.

5. Fancy Visual Content

We love with our eyes. If something is pleasant to watch, it catches our eye. High quality images, up-date videos, useful understandable graphics which accompany WordPress Themes are exactly what FB users like and follow.

6. Targeted Facebook Advertisements

It is much better comparing to advertisement campaigns both in configuration and targeted result, because you can choose gender, location, likes, activity etc. Start with small budget and analyze where you gain the most, after that just focus on that particular ad with increased budget.

7. Simple Sale

Payment and sale in general has to be easy and understandable for the customer. The best way is to use a Facebook application to receive payments for WordPress Theme directly on Facebook Add or at least use direct link to the checkout page.

8. All we need is care. Show it to your customer

Show your concern about your clients through customer on Facebook.

Engage them in sharing Feedback on WordPress Theme, giving compliments or even complains.

Any kind of response is a treasure in providing any service or product, including WordPress Themes, with condition of quick problem solving.

9. Don’t stay 24/7 in FB, be inventive

Although you have to stay in touch with your followers in FB, it is not necessary to spend all your life on social network. Your best help a Combination of Automated and Manual Posts. So you can automate some of your posts with BufferApp or HootSuite.

Boosting WordPress themes through Facebook is all about user engagement. The ways you can do it is TOP quality video content and getting active responses. Always remember that your main goal is to route your target customers from FB to your WP site! More than 2 million websites are integrated with FB, don’t miss this power opportunity.

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