• June 25

18 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools For WordPress Users

Social media monitoring is one of the most important aspects for a WordPress blog owner since the more people will know about your website the more target audience you will be able to hit with your products or services. WordPress themes are good for implementation with plugins and tools for social networking sites’ monitoring. 8Theme gives you the best of the best of such instruments.

The best social media monitoring tools for WordPress themes:

  1. OnePress Social Locker is the plugin that allows you to hide part of the record as long as one is not it layknet. A lot of those have analyst support Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.
  2. WP Symposium is basically a forum or a social network monitoring tool for WordPress themes. WP Symposium Blog Post is the integration of the blog with a social network based on WordPress engine.
  3. WP to Twitter is the plugin for export (repost) records, pages, comments from your blog to Twitter network. The plugin is easily configurable, full instructions for setting up is at the plugin settings page; there is a step by step guide where to go and what to do.3
    Prompt only after setting plug-in should be run through the page to the “Advanced Tweet settings” in the settings of WP to Twitter and tick “Switch to http connection”. We note that began to use an alternative method of autoposting of records on Twitter.
  4. Tweetily/Tweet Your Posts Automatically! – this plugin publishes the old entries on your Twitter account in a random order.
  5. Like Gate – with this plugin for premium WordPress themes you can hide some of the items, as long as one doesn’t like your article.
  6. Revive Old Post – plugin publishes in different social networks in your accounts announcements of old records, in order to attract additional traffic.
  7. Facebook – the official plugin that publishes each new entry from Facebook on your WordPress blog and vice versa.
  8. Publicize is a plugin Jetpack’s part allows to publish new posts in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Tumblr, Path, Google+ social media networks.
  9. Facebook Auto Publish – with this plugin you can publish entries in Facebook (text, text + photo, link).
  10. Simple Follow Me Social Buttons Widget – gives you the customizable buttons to subscribe to social networks (their large number) as the icons appear not image, and vector font.
  11. Social Media Feather is a lightweight social media sharing and follow buttons tool being both a popular and convenient plugin for installation share and follow the western social buttons implemented straight into WordPress themes.
  12. Easy Social Share Buttons – a plugin to add social networking buttons into a WordPress theme. The main advantage of plug-ins – easy to use and low barrier to entry. In fact, working with them is very similar to the installation and configuration of the regular program on the computer. In most cases, all configuration steps are carried out directly from the plug-in WordPress admin panel and you are at the same time there is no need to possess the skills Html, CSS and PHP has even more programming options.
  13. Instagram Followers Tracker is a free WordPress plugin to display statistics on subscribers from Instagram network.
  14. Simple Social Buttons. With this plugin, you can add a button to your blog social networks: Facebook, Google +, Twitter. Alas, on this list of social networking is over. The undoubted advantage of this plugin is the number of reposting options, i.e. the number of clicks on the button that appears next to the buttons themselves.
  15. Crafty Social Buttons. The design of the buttons of social networking plug-in Crafty Social Buttons I liked much more than the previous plugin Simple Social Buttons. The plugin Crafty Social Buttons has several design options and buttons to change them enough to spend 20 seconds and put a check next to the pleasant style.
  16. Simple Share Buttons Adder. Plugin Simple Share Buttons Adder of its functionality is very similar to Crafty Social Buttons plugin in WordPress themes. Simple Share Buttons Adder can change the styles of buttons and displays buttons like counters and without them. List of social networking that provides plug Simple Share Buttons Adder, as targeted only at foreign social networks.
  17. Share Buttons by AddThis. It allows gathering statistics on the button is pressed.3(1)And if all of the previous plugin shows the number of clicks on a button to all users of the website, the plugin Share Buttons by AddThis can display statistics only for the site administrator, which is quite handy, especially when the number of taps is not very much.
  18. Social Sharing Toolkit. This plugin provides more opportunities to customize how the buttons themselves and place their withdrawal. You can adjust the size of the buttons, select the social networks that are needed, and even add their own social networks that are not listed in an initial list.

We recommend using several plugins from this list at once – for different social media use different monitoring tools for WordPress themes you can choose from the 8Theme’s portfolio.

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