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How to Create Custom Menu Structures in WordPress Themes?

WordPress makes menus for you taking into account your pages and classifications. This menu structure is frequently bland and can get a bit wild. Including another classification will change your menu structure and this can now and again get revolting. Some of the time, you need more control over how the menu looks and functions. Occasionally you need to take matters into your own particular hands. You can also choose to purchase one of 8Theme’s premium themes on WordPress platform to have the option of custom menu optimized for your eCommerce needs.

WooCommerce with WordPress platform permits you to make your own menus and menu structure. Utilizing the menu manager, you can make different menus and afterward allocate them to particular menu areas on your site.

How to create menus in WordPress manually

WordPress has an omnipotent system built in for creating ahead meals. It process by drag-and-drop also is carefree to fixed up. You can conceive multifarious regimens also decide which regimens to wear. How numerous you can model at quondam hangs on a WooCommerce theme. In your dashboard discover also succeed Manner moreover select Cards.

1. Create a Menu

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First and foremost, name your menu and click Create Menu. After you’ll have the capacity to add things to the menu. On the left, you have your pages, connections, and classes. The classes will likewise show your custom post sorts and scientific categorizations.

2. Find and click Pages and choose View All.

Select each page that you need to have in your menu. In the event that you need all of them and simply click Select All. Next pick Add to Menu.

There are a few page areas in the menu structure. The primary is the Primary Page area. This area is the place the greater part of the pages line up on the left side. On the off chance that you moved a page to one side by dragging it and dropping it, it will be put in the Sub Item area. You can have various sub things and can make sub things have sub things. To make your menu structure, move and customize the menu things where you need them. Here is the place it gets intriguing. You can drop menu things as a page or as a sub page.

3. How to remove a menu item?

Presently recognize that you have two pages called Home. One is the page that WordPress template makes and the other is a page that I made to have a connection to back to the landing page. Since WordPress does this consequently, you can erase what you have recently made.

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To expel it from the structure, click on the expression Page on the right side on the thing you need to uproot. This opens the properties of that thing. Basically click on Remove.

4. Rename the labels for proper navigation

Highlight the title in the Navigation Label content box and change it to the name you need to have demonstrated in the menu. This will not change the name of the page, yet it will change the name that shows on the menu. This is a convenient peculiarity as it permits you to mark your structure in a manner that is straightforward without having the rename your pages.

You can rebuild your menu’s sub pages effectively. By utilizing move and customize technique, you can move whole sub obstructs on the double by snatching and dragging the first thing in the sub square.

WordPress Menus Types

Numerous WooCommerce themes from 8Theme have a structure for three menus: primary, secondary and footer. Each of these menus can be uncommonly intended to make the best utilization of their situating. The situation and sorts of menus will shift relying upon a premium WooCommerce theme you’re utilizing.

Primary menus

The essential menu is you fundamental type of route on your site. In the theme you are utilizing it is the menu nearest to the logo. It has the biggest content of your menus. It ought to incorporate the fundamental route structure that your guests will expect: a connection to your landing page, about, contact, blog, assets, and so forth. It truly relies on upon your crowd and the reason for your site. Attempt to keep it straightforward and straightforward.

Secondary menus

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The optional menu has a littler textual style than the essential menu. In the theme I’m utilizing its over the header. It ought to incorporate things that you don’t need in your essential menu however you need to be advantageous for your guests.


The footer menu obviously goes in the footer of your site. You can decide to keep the footer straightforward. I just utilized the most conspicuous connections and you can exclude submenus. This keeps the footer clean and simple to utilize. Obviously, what you require here will rely on upon your site and your guests, so don’t hesitate to incorporate connections and classes.

It is great that numerous our WooCommerce premium themes offer the alternative of custom menus from where you can make and deal with your own menus. Does your theme template bolster various menus and the office of doling out those to numerous areas? Pick awesome WordPress themes by 8Theme to get a capacity to make custom menu in on click.

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