VAT is everywhere but I can’t charge it…

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  • Avatar: thehawkman
    September 7, 2023 at 01:53

    The problem. Prices I get from my suppliers for importing in the WC database do not include VAT but they both charge VAT. However, the prices I pay when buying from them are 19% higher because when buying they charge me VAT sicne their companies pay VAT. The problem is my company does is not registered for VAT so that means I cannot add the 19% VAT rate in Woocommerce to increase the price.

    For example product A, the price I get from for importing into WC is 100. If I buy it from them however I have to pay them 119. So in other words I would need to add a markup to the 119 price in order to make a profit. Normally I would set the VAT at 19% in WC and set those products to “taxable”, but since my company is not registered for VAT, I need to do it differently since when the customer orders the cart and the confirmation emails splits the price into the base price and VAT. This would not only be confusing, but it would also be inaccurate and even illegal, since I cannot charge VAT. What I think I need to do is use the dynamic pricing plugin to add 19% to the prices I get from the suppliers (to replace the VAT I can’t charge) and then add a markup (I think that is the word) to the price increased by 19%. Something like (price+19%) + markup (say 15%).
    How would I do that?

    Also when looking at the dynamic plugin, I can’t see a way to use it on invidiual products. It seesms I wouldn’t be able to set distinct markups for individual products, more like it needs to be, say, 15% for all the products.

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    Avatar: Tony Rodriguez
    Tony Rodriguez
    Support staff
    September 7, 2023 at 11:34

    Hello, @thehawkman,

    Thank you for providing a detailed description of your issue. We have thoroughly reviewed your requirements. However, we regret to inform you that the issue you are facing is not directly related to our theme, but rather to WooCommerce.

    Unfortunately, our theme does not provide the option you are seeking, and WooCommerce does not have such a default functionality either. We believe that there may be a third-party plugin extension that could assist you in achieving your desired result.

    We recommend that you reach out to WooCommerce support for further consultation on this matter. You can contact them via the following link:

    We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

    Best Regards,
    8Theme’s Team

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